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After a week off, the Team Crown crew was ready for a little racing. Heading into Husets Speedway with high hopes they looked strong early. Running 3rd in the heat race and passing for 2nd, contact with another car knocked Jody into the infield and back to 5th place. The feature would be an interesting one for everyone as the track was extremely rough and very narrow. A fourth row inside position is where the #27 would begin on the evening and Jody quickly made his way to 5th. By the 3rd lap, Jody had positioned himself in the 3rd spot, and with the conditions that was all the car had for the night. When asked about the race, team owner Jason Johnson said, “We did what we could, but nobody had any fun. Not the racers, not the crowd. The track prep at this place has been absolutely horrible this year. It’s either been extremely rough, or just one lane on the top. I don’t know if I’d exactly call this racing at this point. They need to get to work on this track or they’re going to start to lose cars, either due to frustration or attrition. Either way, it’s not good for anyone involved.”


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