Bickett Blasts To Huset’s Win
Aug. 9: Night of $1,000 Stars
Online Video: Live and On Demand
Bickett Blasts To Huset’s Win

Bickett Blasts To Huset’s Win

8/2/2015 -
Ryan Bickett parked his #17 in victory lane for the first time in the Dollar Loan Center Outlaw
Aug. 9: Night of $1,000 Stars

Aug. 9: Night of $1,000 Stars

8/3/2015 -
Every class will race for at least $1,000 to win on August 9. The “Night of $1,000 Stars” event
Online Video: Live and On Demand

Online Video: Live and On Demand

5/7/2015 -
Huset's Speedway is offering pay-per-view event streaming of nearly every 2015 race event. The
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Huset's Speedway - 2014

As of September 07, 2014

USRA B-Modifieds

PosDriverWinsTop 5Top 10FeaturesPointsGap
1Colter Deutsch11171717813
2Ryan Walker1151717765-48
3Jared Nytroe101617742-71
4Nick Vanbelle101717701-112
5Nick Barger251111484-329
6Miah Christensen378334-479
7Greg Eden268319-494
8Dustin Kruse577316-497
9Dave Kennedy1456266-547
10Brad Haas245206-607
11Chris Thompson145201-612
12Rodney Cook55196-617
13Denny Lottman244171-642
14Brock Hess1234170-643
15Alan Vandenbrink33122-691
16Darin Noyes23114-699
17Trevor Kracht23111-702
18Morgan Frewaldt13101-712
19Dudley Schroeder12290-723
20Keegan Nordquist12287-726
21Tyler Tesch2286-727
22Chris Huisman11283-730
23Mike Powell11280-733
24Mitch Van Engen11269-744
25Josh Mattick111149-764
26Cody Ahrendt11145-768
27Kevin Joachim1142-771
28Reese Coffee1141-772
29Pete Kracht1239-774
30Chase Kuhlman1139-774
31Zac Pruner1138-775
32Darin Roepke1138-775
33Corey Gronewold1137-776
34Doug Folkens1135-778
35Marlin Kracht134-779
36Justin Voeltz2214-799
37Andrew Johnson117-806
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