Race Results
June 15, 2006

Nytroe, Schroeder, and Buttemeier impress on Thursday Night

By Heather Riffel

(June 15, 2006-Brandon, SD) The Thursday Thriller action continued at Huset’s Speedway with many impressive wins by up and coming racing stars in the area. Jared Nytroe picked up his first Hobby Stock feature win. Brianna Schroeder also picked up her first win in the 4 Cylinder Hornet feature. Dana Buttemeier took home the trophy in a close win in the Wingless Sprint feature. Other winners included Tyler Larson, Larry Buckneberg, and Mike Steensma.

Andy Anderson started on the pole of The Heartland Racing Association Wingless Sprint Car feature. He held the lead in the opening laps. Dana Buttemeier held onto second place while Doug Martens and Bret Mellenberndt battled it out for the third position. On lap four Buttemeier was able to get around Anderson for the race lead. The caution came out with two laps remaining which set up a great battle at the finish. On the restart Buttemeier and Mellenberndt fought for the top position while Martens and Anderson battled for third right behind them. At the line Buttemeier was able to edge Mellenberndt by inches for his first win this season at Huset’s. Martens ended up taking third from Anderson who finished fourth. Gerod Olivier rounded out the top five.

Brett Pospisil got off to a rough start which enabled Mike Steensma to take the lead in the USRA B-Modified feature. Andy Hofmeyer made his way to the second position and pressured Steensma for the lead the entire race. They battled side by side lap after lap but Steensma was able to hold on every lap and went on to win back to back feature events at Huset’s. Hofmeyer finished in second while Pospisil was able to take third. Clint Potter took fourth while Nick DeLeeuw finished in fifth.

The Hobby Stocks ran a special race that earned them only NMRA points and track points were not given out. Jared Nytroe started on the pole and was able to lead every lap to pick up his first win in a Hobby Stock event. The only pressure he received was from Chad Graves last year’s track champion. The rookie Nytroe was able to hold on lap after lap and narrowly beat Graves when the checkered flag waved. Jason VandeVegte finished in third while Tom Cauwels came in fourth. Joe Hall completed the top five.

Larry Buckneberg was able to use the high line to get around Travis Christensen at the start of the Factory Stock feature. Behind him Brandon Nytroe, Christensen, and Jim Klutman all battled for the second position. This battled continued all throughout the race which allowed Buckneberg to pick up his second win of the season. Nytroe ended up securing second while Christensen finished in third followed by Klutman and Rodney Cook.

Tyler Larson started on the pole of the 6-Cylinder Hornet feature and led all six laps. It was a close race between him and Troy Schreurs. Schreurs tried both the top and bottom of the track but he was not able to get around Larson. Larson was able to pick up his first win of the season. Schreurs followed right behind him with Tyler Demers finishing in third. Dustin Gulbranson and Justin Scarborough finished fourth and fifth.

A bad start by Travis Schreurs in the 4-Cylinder Hornet feature allowed Brianna Schroeder to get a big lead. Chris Bornitz was able to catch back up to Schroeder but he was not able to get around her. Schroeder picked up her first win ever and Bornitz finished in second followed by Schreurs.

The action returns to Huset’s this Thursday with the new Thursday Thriller Series. A full night of action takes to the high banks again on Sunday, featuring the Outlaw Sprints.


Non-Wing Sprint Cars

Heat #1: 1. Doug Martens, Ward; 2. Bret Mellenberndt, Sioux Falls; 3. Gerod Olivier, Garretson; 4. Dana Buttemeier, Chancellor; 5. Andy Anderson, Harrisburg; 6. Brooks Castelluzzo, Sioux Falls, ; 7. Bill Smith, Worthington, Minn..

A Feature: 1. Dana Buttemeier, Chancellor; 2. Bret Mellenberndt, Sioux Falls; 3. Doug Martens, Ward; 4. Andy Anderson, Harrisburg; 5. Gerod Olivier, Garretson; 6. Bill Smith, Worthington, Minn.; 7. Brooks Castelluzzo, Sioux Falls, .


USRA B-Modifieds

Heat #1: 1. Andy Hofmeyer, Alton, Iowa; 2. Mike Steensma;; 3. Clint Potter, Crooks; 4. Brett Pospisil, Worthington, Minn.; 5. Nick DeLeeuw, Orange City, Iowa.

A Feature: 1. Mike Steensma;; 2. Andy Hofmeyer, Alton, Iowa; 3. Brett Pospisil, Worthington, Minn.; 4. Clint Potter, Crooks; 5. Nick DeLeeuw, Orange City, Iowa.


Hobby Stocks

A Feature: (Non-points race; top five) 1. Jared Nytroe; 2. Chad Graves; 3. Jason VandeVegte; 4. Tom Cauwels; 5. Kevin Joachim


Factory Stocks

Heat #1: 1. Larry Buckneberg, Sioux Falls; 2. Brandon Nytroe, Brandon; 3. Jim Klutman, SF; 4. Travis Christensen, Sioux Falls; 5. Clint Carlson, Worthing; 6. Rodney Cook, Madison.

A Feature: 1. Larry Buckneberg, Sioux Falls; 2. Brandon Nytroe, Brandon; 3. Travis Christensen, Sioux Falls; 4. Jim Klutman, SF; 5. Rodney Cook, Madison; 6. Clint Carlson, Worthing; 7. Dusty Seachris, Hills, Minn..


A Hornets

Heat #1: 1. Tyler Larsen, Brandon; 2. Tyler DeMers, Sioux Falls; 3. Troy Schreurs, Baltic; 4. Justin Scarborough, Sioux Falls; 5. Josh VanEngen, Canton.

A Feature: 1. Tyler Larsen, Brandon; 2. Troy Schreurs, Baltic; 3. Tyler DeMers, Sioux Falls; 4. Dustin Gulbrandson, Hartford; 5. Justin Scarborough, Sioux Falls; 6. Josh VanEngen, Canton.


B Hornets

Heat #1: 1. Chris Bornitz, Tracy, Minn.; 2. Travis Schreurs, Baltic; 3. Brianna Schroeder, Tracy, Minn..

A Feature: 1. Brianna Schroeder, Tracy, Minn.; 2. Chris Bornitz, Tracy, Minn.; 3. Travis Schreurs, Baltic.