Race Results
May 29, 2006

Gerritson and Weber win big on Memorial Day

By Heather Riffel

(May 29, 2006-Brandon, SD) It was a beautiful Memorial Day evening and Huset’s Speedway was jam packed with six classes of exciting racing. There were many classes that are not usually run at Huset’s Speedway but it was just a glimpse of the racing you will see as Huset’s begins racing on Thursday nights. This new night will feature even more classes then what you are used to seeing on Sunday nights.

Don Grems started on the pole of the Late Model Stock Car feature. By lap two he was spinning in turn one which brought out the second of five cautions. Once they finally got going it was Lee Schlumbohm and Don Gerritsen Jr. racing for the race lead. The race continued with two-wide and three-wide battles all over the track. Gary Brown Jr. and Howard Baartman join the battle in the top five. Darrin Korthals and Jesse Akkerman also make challenges for the top spots. A late caution leads to a green-white-checkered finish. Don Gerritsen Jr. easily has the lead while Brown, Schlumbohm, and Akkerman fight for second. At the line Gerritsen finishes first followed by Akkerman, Brown, Schlumbohm, and Korthals.

The Heartland Racing Association Wingless Sprint feature got off to an exciting start with polesitter Jeff Davis flipping in the fourth turn. Since so many cars were involved in the caution the race was shortened from 12 laps to 10. Once the racing was restarted it was Andy Anderson, Dana Buttemeier, and Brett Mellenberndt fighting for the first position. The race continued single file until Mellenberndt scraped the wall which led to his wheel falling off a few laps later. On the restart John Kaiser went low and was able to take the lead from Anderson. Kaiser held onto the lead followed by Anderson, Doug Martens, Dana Buttemeier, and Brooks Castelluzzo.

The Sportsmen feature race started out with a three-wide race for the lead between Brett Larsen, Nick Abraham, and Brad Winesburg. Brett Larsen won the battle and got out to a big lead. Brad Winesburg slowed on the track which brought out the caution flag. Brett Larsen remained in the lead but in the closing laps Greg Roeman was able to catch up and they battled lap after lap. Coming to the checkered flag Roeman won by inches over Larsen. Third went to Tracy Johnson while Nick Bahr and Nick Abraham finished out the top five.

The Hobby Stock feature started out with David Beman Jr. taking the top spot. There was a caution for Tom Cauwels on lap three. Trent Weber had already moved from his eighth starting spot all the way up to fourth. Doug Folkens and Greg Brandt were battling for third when Beman spun out and raced through the infield which led to Beman being disqualified. This gave Weber in the Weber Painting 124 the lead. No one was able to stop him and he won on back to back nights at Huset’s Speedway. The rest of the top five went Justin Arends, Brandt, Shaun Taylor, and Jason Beuckens.

Chris Bornitz was the polesitter and led all of the laps in the Hornets feature. On the opening lap they were five wide all trying to get the second position. Tyler Demers ended up taking the position. They continued to battle throughout the race and third went to Brian Voges followed by Elijah Zeuerberger and Josh VanEngen.

In the Factory Stock feature Larry Buckneberg came from fourth place to take the lead on the first lap. He battled with Dan Roeman. Kenny Jacobs and Jim Klutman raced for third and fourth. Jacobs was blag-flagged for rough driving. Buckneberg was able to cross the checkered first followed by Roeman, Brandon Nytroe, Jesse Ebbesen, and Travis Christensen.

You can see more of this racing action every Thursday night at Huset’s Speedway and of course Huset’s will still run its normal Sunday night schedule.


Nordstrom's Late Model Stock Cars

Heat #1: 1. Dale Furby, Sioux Falls; 2. Don Grems, Lester, Iowa; 3. Donald Gerritsen Jr, Rock Rapids, Iowa; 4. Lee Schlumbohm, Sioux Falls; 5. Rick Vander Weide (Anthony Mann), Sioux Falls; 6. Jesse Kroger, Harrisburg.

Heat #2: 1. Dan Jensen, Humboldt; 2. Gary Brown Jr, Sioux Falls; 3. Chad Overgaard, Luverne, Minn.; 4. Jeff Kroger, Canton; 5. Jordan Heiman, Sioux Falls; 6. Kenny Scholten, Inwood, Iowa.

Heat #3: 1. Howard Baartman, Sioux Falls; 2. Matt Steuerwald, Madison; 3. Jesse Akkerman, Luverne, Minn.; 4. Darrin Korthals, Rock Rapids, Iowa; 5. Justin Glaser, Sioux Falls; 6. Nick Beyenhof, Rock Rapids, Iowa.

A Feature: 1. Donald Gerritsen Jr, Rock Rapids, Iowa; 2. Jesse Akkerman, Luverne, Minn.; 3. Gary Brown Jr, Sioux Falls; 4. Lee Schlumbohm, Sioux Falls; 5. Darrin Korthals, Rock Rapids, Iowa; 6. Howard Baartman, Sioux Falls; 7. Matt Steuerwald, Madison; 8. Jeff Kroger, Canton; 9. Chad Overgaard, Luverne, Minn.; 10. Don Grems, Lester, Iowa; 11. Nick Beyenhof, Rock Rapids, Iowa; 12. Justin Glaser, Sioux Falls; 13. Dale Furby, Sioux Falls; 14. Rick Vander Weide (Anthony Mann), Sioux Falls; 15. Jordan Heiman, Sioux Falls; 16. Dan Jensen, Humboldt; 17. Kenny Scholten, Inwood, Iowa; 18. Jesse Kroger, Harrisburg.


Non-Wing Sprint Cars

Heat #1: 1. Andy Anderson, Harrisburg; 2. Dana Buttemeier, Chancellor; 3. Brandon Stevenson, Holstein, Iowa; 4. Gary Zitterich;; 5. Jeff Davis, Sioux Falls; 6. Brooks Castelluzzo, Sioux Falls, .

Heat #2: 1. Doug Martens, Ward; 2. Bill Smith, Worthington, Minn.; 3. Bret Mellenberndt, Sioux Falls; 4. Gerod Olivier, Garretson; 5. John Kaiser, Lake Norden.

A Feature: 1. John Kaiser, Lake Norden; 2. Andy Anderson, Harrisburg; 3. Doug Martens, Ward; 4. Dana Buttemeier, Chancellor; 5. Brooks Castelluzzo, Sioux Falls, ; 6. Bret Mellenberndt, Sioux Falls; 7. Bill Smith, Worthington, Minn.; 8. Jeff Davis, Sioux Falls; 9. Brandon Stevenson, Holstein, Iowa; 10. Gerod Olivier, Garretson; 11. Gary Zitterich;.


Sportsman Stock Cars

Heat #1: 1. Nick Bahr, Madison; 2. Chris Huisman, Rock Rapids, Iowa; 3. Nick Abraham, Madison; 4. Steve Eliason, Brookings; 5. Andy Gabrielson, LuVerne, Minn.; 6. Philip Pense, Lucas.

Heat #2: 1. Greg Roemen, Ellsworth, Minn.; 2. Tracy Johnson, Lake Preston; 3. Brett Larsen, Viborg; 4. Brad Winesburg, Madison; 5. Greg Jung, Madison.

A Feature: 1. Greg Roemen, Ellsworth, Minn.; 2. Brett Larsen, Viborg; 3. Tracy Johnson, Lake Preston; 4. Nick Bahr, Madison; 5. Nick Abraham, Madison; 6. Chris Huisman, Rock Rapids, Iowa; 7. Steve Eliason, Brookings; 8. Andy Gabrielson, LuVerne, Minn.; 9. Greg Jung, Madison; 10. Brad Winesburg, Madison.


Gary's Tire Service Hobby Stocks

Heat #1: 1. Tommy Barber, Brandon; 2. Jason Beuckens, Sioux Falls; 3. Greg Brandt, LuVerne, Minn.; 4. Doug Folkens, Sioux Falls; 5. Jared Nytroe, Brandon; 6. Walter Kiggins, Sioux Falls; 7. Tate Eining, Sioux Falls; 8. Justin Voeltz, Madison.

Heat #2: 1. Trent Weber, Sioux Falls; 2. Jeff Deighton, Sioux Falls; 3. David Beman Jr., Sioux Falls; 4. Tom Cauwels, Luverne, Minn.; 5. Nick Janssen, Sioux Falls; 6. Don Brady Jr, Sioux Falls; 7. Zeb Larsen, Viborg.

Heat #3: 1. Shaun Taylor, Sioux Falls; 2. Justin Arends, Little Rock, Iowa; 3. Dave Kennedy, Sioux Falls; 4. Brock Hess, Sioux Falls; 5. Travis Morris, Brookings; 6. Chad Graves, Sioux Falls.

B Feature: 1. Jared Nytroe, Brandon; 2. Don Brady Jr, Sioux Falls; 3. Chad Graves, Sioux Falls; 4. Zeb Larsen, Viborg; 5. Walter Kiggins, Sioux Falls; 6. Tate Eining, Sioux Falls; 7. Travis Morris, Brookings; 8. Brian Tronson, Sioux Falls; 9. Nick Janssen, Sioux Falls; 10. Justin Voeltz, Madison.

A Feature: 1. Trent Weber, Sioux Falls; 2. Justin Arends, Little Rock, Iowa; 3. Greg Brandt, LuVerne, Minn.; 4. Shaun Taylor, Sioux Falls; 5. Jason Beuckens, Sioux Falls; 6. Jared Nytroe, Brandon; 7. Jeff Deighton, Sioux Falls; 8. Chad Graves, Sioux Falls; 9. Doug Folkens, Sioux Falls; 10. Tom Cauwels, Luverne, Minn.; 11. Don Brady Jr, Sioux Falls; 12. Tommy Barber, Brandon; 13. Dave Kennedy, Sioux Falls; 14. David Beman Jr., Sioux Falls; 15. Brock Hess, Sioux Falls.


Factory Stocks

Heat #1: 1. Jim Klutman, SF; 2. Jesse Ebbesen, Turkey Ridge; 3. Ken Jacobs, Sioux Falls; 4. Jesse Larsen, Sioux Falls.

Heat #2: 1. Dan Roemen, Sioux Falls; 2. Larry Buckneberg, Sioux Falls; 3. Brandon Nytroe, Brandon; 4. Travis Christensen, Sioux Falls.

A Feature: 1. Larry Buckneberg, Sioux Falls; 2. Dan Roemen, Sioux Falls; 3. Brandon Nytroe, Brandon; 4. Jesse Ebbesen, Turkey Ridge; 5. Travis Christensen, Sioux Falls; 6. Ken Jacobs, Sioux Falls; 7. Jim Klutman, SF.



Heat #1: 1. Brian Voges, Sioux Falls; 2. Elijah Zeuerberger, Ocheyedan, Iowa; 3. Chris Bornitz, Tracy, Minn.; 4. Josh VanEngen, Canton; 5. Lee Hein, Brookings; 6. Matt Nelson, Sioux Falls; 7. Garry Gulbrandson, Renner.

Heat #2: 1. Eric McGill, Renner; 2. Tyler DeMers, Sioux Falls; 3. Troy Schreurs, Baltic; 4. Tyler Larsen, Brandon; 5. Dustin Gulbrandson, Hartford; 6. Brianna Schroeder, Tracy, Minn.; 7. Travis Schreurs, Baltic.

A Feature: 1. Chris Bornitz, Tracy, Minn.; 2. Tyler DeMers, Sioux Falls; 3. Brian Voges, Sioux Falls; 4. Elijah Zeuerberger, Ocheyedan, Iowa; 5. Josh VanEngen, Canton; 6. Travis Schreurs, Baltic; 7. Garry Gulbrandson, Renner; 8. Tyler Larsen, Brandon; 9. Matt Nelson, Sioux Falls; 10. Lee Hein, Brookings; 11. Troy Schreurs, Baltic; 12. Eric McGill, Renner; 13. Brianna Schroeder, Tracy, Minn.; 14. Dustin Gulbrandson, Hartford.