Huset's Speedway
Racing Banquet
November 25, 2005

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2005 410 Outlaw Sprint Champion:
Gregg Bakker, Sioux Falls, SD

2005 360 Sprint Champion:
Micah Schliemann, Hartford, SD

2005 Late Model Stock Car Champion:
Darrin Korthals, Rock Rapids, IA

2005 Hobby Stock Champion:
Chad Graves, Sioux Falls, SD

2005 Huset's Speedway Special Awards

Hobby Stock Rookie of the Year:
Chad Graves

Late Model Stock Car Rookie of the Year:
Don Gerritsen, Jr.

360 Sprint Rookie of the Year:
Justin Jacobsma

410 Sprint Rookie of the Year:
Dusty Zomer

Hobby Stock Team of the Year:
Greg Brandt

Late Model Stock Car Team of the Year:

Darrin Korthals

360 Sprint Team of the Year:

Jesse Drost

Outlaw Sprint Team of the Year:
Mark Dobmeier & Dusty Zomer

Hobby Stock Sportsman of the Year:
Jeff Deighton

Late Model Stock Car Sportsman of the Year:
Rick VanderWeide

360 Sprint Sportsman of the Year:
Micah Schliemann

Outlaw Sprint Sportsman of the Year:
Robert Bell & Chad Meyer

Behind the Scenes Award:
Kevin Kjergaard & Terry Kjergaard

Promotion of the Year:
DSI Incorporated

Sponsor of the Year:
Dollar Loan Center