Race Results
September 20, 2003

Taves takes Cheater's Day qualifying night

By Shawn Neisteadt

(September 20, 2003) All of the stock car classes competed Saturday at Huset's for qualifying for the 39th annual National Cheater's Day.

In the Late Model Stock Car feature it was JJ Zebell grabbing the early lead. On the third lap Gary Brown, Jr. grabbed the lead, but Zebell retook the spot on the next lap. On the eighth lap James Taves charged to the top spot. Taves never looked back as he claimed the qualifying feature. Rick Goth charged forward to take second and Zebell was third. Brown finished fourth and fifth went to David Kruger.

Kip Myers drove from the fourteenth starting position to the lead and to the win of the Sportsmen feature. Steve Bents of Rushmore, Minnesota took the lead of the Hobby Stock feature on the second lap of the Hobby Stock qualifier and went on for the win. Scott Borkowski finished second and third went to Tim Dann. Fourth place went to Justin Selken and Grady Myers took fifth.

Brett Lease won the Wild Ones feature with Derrick Nordstrom in second. Third went to Jeremy Fedeler. Chad Larson, the 2003 Lake County Speedway Deuces Wild champion picked up the win in the Deuces Wild feature. Rick Egan took second and third went to Jeff Hyink.

Late Model Stock Cars

A Feature: 1. James Taves, Glyndon, Minn.; 2. Rick Goth, Madison; 3. JJ Zebell, Parker; 4. Gary Brown Jr, Sioux Falls; 5. David Kruger, Sioux Falls; 6. Perry Tschetter, Bridgewater; 7. Moose Schuldt, Sioux Falls; 8. Justin Glaser, Sioux Falls; 9. Kevin Larson, Sioux Falls; 10. Chad Schettler, Brandon; 11. Matt Steuerwald, Madison; 12. Don Bickett, Ramona; 13. Jeff Hertel, Parker.

Sportsman Stock Cars

B Feature: 1. Richard Holbrook, Sioux Falls; 2. Kip Myers, Mitchell; 3. Rick Vander Weide, Sioux Falls; 4. Chris Huisman, Rock Rapids, Iowa; 5. Cory Bomgaars, Worthington, Minn.; 6. Donald Gerritsen Jr, Rock Rapids, Iowa; 7. Steve Brown, Winner; 8. Russ Peterson, Sioux Falls.

A Feature: 1. Kip Myers, Mitchell; 2. John Fitzgerald, Bigelow, Minn.; 3. Mike Forseth, Sioux Falls; 4. Kevin Spurgin, Madison; 5. Kevin Kremin, Lismore, Minn.; 6. Craig Hanisch, SF; 7. Richard Holbrook, Sioux Falls; 8. Daryl Reverts, Humboldt; 9. Jeremiah Jordahl, Madison; 10. Daryl Green, Mitchell; 11. Gary Brown Sr., Winner; 12. Layne Saathoff, Bruce; 13. Kevin Broesder, George, Iowa; 14. Joseph Hofer, Mitchell; 15. Chris Huisman, Rock Rapids, Iowa; 16. Rick Vander Weide, Sioux Falls.

Hobby Stocks

C Feature: 1. Kevin Prussman, Brookings; 2. Jeff Deighton, Sioux Falls; 3. Jason Faber, Sioux Falls; 4. Broc Yesda, Hawarden, Iowa; 5. Zeb Larsen, Viborg; 6. David Beman Jr., Sioux Falls; 7. Paul Korthals, George, Iowa; 8. Jim Steinmetz, Letcher; 9. Shaun Jurrens, Little Rock, Iowa; 10. Adam Kutzbach, Worthington, Minn.; 11. Tony Rustad, Pipestone, Minn.; 12. Sarah Pearson, Sioux Falls.

B Feature: 1. Johnny Monsees, Brookings; 2. Jon DeBoer, Little Rock, Iowa; 3. Tim Waltner, Hartford; 4. Bob Nash, Sioux Falls; 5. Paul VanBeek, Doon, Iowa; 6. Kevin Prussman, Brookings; 7. Chad Anderson, Madison; 8. Jason Faber, Sioux Falls; 9. Jeff Deighton, Sioux Falls; 10. Zeb Larsen, Viborg; 11. Broc Yesda, Hawarden, Iowa; 12. Aaron Penning, Dell Rapids.

A Feature: 1. Steve Bents, Rushmore, Minn.; 2. Scott Borkowski, Mitchell; 3. Tim Dann, Hartford; 4. Justin Selken, Hartford; 5. Grady Myers, Winner; 6. Bob Nash, Sioux Falls; 7. Matthew Jensen, Humboldt; 8. Mike McGillivray, Madison; 9. Tim Waltner, Hartford; 10. Brett Larsen, Viborg; 11. Clinton Bruns, Little Rock, Iowa; 12. Jerry Groenwold, Worthington, Minn.; 13. Kevin Curtis, Winner; 14. Jon DeBoer, Little Rock, Iowa; 15. Cody Hall, madison; 16. Johnny Monsees, Brookings.

Wild Ones (FWD)

A Feature: 1. Brett Lease, Colman; 2. Derrick Nordstrom, Sioux Falls; 3. David Christensen, Madison; 4. Brian Heiman, Sioux Falls; 5. Jeremey Fedeler, Madison; 6. Leslie Arnett, Tea; 7. Tara Johnson, Sioux Falls; 8. Skeeter Hansen, Madison; 9. Matt Larson, Crooks.

Deuces Wild (FWD)

B Feature: 1. Jeff Hyink, Sioux Falls; 2. Travis Christensen, Sioux Falls; 3. Dave Kennedy, Sioux Falls; 4. Joe Hall, Sioux Falls; 5. Jim Klutman, SF; 6. Josh Downs, Sioux Falls; 7. Kermit Rose, Hartford; 8. Tanner Olsen, Canistota; 9. Jim Roth, Madison.

A Feature: 1. Chad Larson, Madison; 2. Rick Egan, Sioux Falls; 3. Jeff Hyink, Sioux Falls; 4. Scott Pekron, Sioux Falls; 5. Dave Kennedy, Sioux Falls; 6. Jeremiah Bethke, Sioux Falls; 7. Rachelle Knutson, Renner; 8. Adam Hoefert, Hartford; 9. Joe Hall, Sioux Falls; 10. Travis Christensen, Sioux Falls; 11. Rich Heiman, Canistota; 12. Kurt Heinemann, Dell Rapids; 13. Keith Johnson, Sioux Falls.