Race Results
September 1, 2003

Martens fights off field and fire to take first win of season on Sertoma Night

By Shawn Neisteadt

(September 1, 2003-Sioux Falls, SD)  Doug Martens had a nice lead with only five laps remaining in the 360 sprint feature.  The question of whether he could hold on or not arose as an oil leak would cause his engine to flair flames a few times a lap.  Martens would not stop and take his #51 into victory lane for the first time this year.

Brandon Rokusek jumped from the pole position to the lead of the feature as the green flag waved.  On the second lap though, it was Martens moving into the lead in turn two.  On the third lap Shawn Van Wyhe took third from Troy Vink and Ryan Bickett advanced to fourth with Butch Hanssen following into the fifth spot.  Hanssen drove past Bickett and into fourth on the sixth lap of the event.

Van Wyhe took second from Rokusek on the ninth lap and two laps later Hanssen took over the third spot.  Terry Reilly was charging forward in the second half of the race as he took fifth from Bickett on lap 11 then one lap later Reilly took over fourth from Rokusek.  Soon the smoke started to appear from the #51 of Martens as he led.  As the car would come off the corners the oil would ignite a small fire.  Through the lap traffic and fire Martens would drive to the win.  Hanssen finished second and was crowned the 2003 Huset's Lewis-Pepsi-Dr. Pepper 360 Sprint Car champion.  Reilly came from tenth to third with Van Wyhe finishing fourth.  Micah Schliemann charged from fifteenth to take fifth.

In the Late Model Stock Car feature, it was all Dan Jensen as he led the entire distance to take the win.  The race was the first for Jensen since crashing at the Park Jefferson Speedway.  Jensen was hospitalized with injuries, but was on top of his game as "The Ironman" picked up the win in a borrowed car from Howard Baartman.  Baartman finished second.  Don Bickett was third with JJ Zebell in fourth.  Fifth place went to Gary Brown Jr.  Chad Overgaard finished ninth and was named the 2003 Late Model Stock Car champion.

In the second appearance of the Sportsmen at Huset's Speedway this season, there was a very similar outcome.  For the second time of the year it was Rick Vander Weide taking the win.  Vander Weide led all 12 laps of the event to take home the trophy.  Anthony Mann finished second and third place went to Chris Huismann.  Daryl Reverts was fourth and fifth place went to Russ Peterson.

Lane Brenden took the win in the Hobby Stock feature.  It was the first career win for the 14-year-old rookie.  Nick Bahr and Mike McGillivray battled back and fourth for second place through out the race.  Bahr held the position at the finish with McGillivray third.  Chris Tiesler finished in fourth and Jon DeBoer rounded out the top five.

Huset's Speedway races again on September 20 and 21 with the National Cheater's Day.  Rapid Speedway continues to race on Friday nights through September 12.  Lake County Speedway races September 6 and 7.  Then Lake Country hosts Outlaw Sprint cars on September 13.

Lewis / Pepsi/ Dr. Pepper 360 Sprints

Heat #1: 1. Shawn VanWyhe, Lester, Iowa; 2. Joe Riedel, Ramona; 3. Butch Hanssen, Sioux Falls; 4. Dusty Ballenger, Harrisburg; 5. Brandon Rokusek, Geddes; 6. Bradley Nelson, Brookings; 7. Brock Dump, Lennox.

Heat #2: 1. Ryan Bickett, Ramona; 2. Terry Reilly, Watertown; 3. Dusty Zomer, Brandon; 4. Brent Vonk, Hudson; 5. Troy Vink, Sioux Falls; 6. Brad Buysse, Luverne, Minn.; 7. Robert Danielson, Sioux Falls.

Heat #3: 1. Doug Martens, Ward; 2. Troy Meyer, Sioux Falls; 3. Micah Schliemann, Hartford; 4. John Miller, Plankinton; 5. Mitch Runge, Sioux Falls; 6. Randy Droescher, Larchwood, Iowa; 7. Dusty Wasmund, Sioux Falls.

A Feature: 1. Doug Martens, Ward; 2. Butch Hanssen, Sioux Falls; 3. Terry Reilly, Watertown; 4. Shawn VanWyhe, Lester, Iowa; 5. Micah Schliemann, Hartford; 6. Ryan Bickett, Ramona; 7. Brent Vonk, Hudson; 8. Troy Meyer, Sioux Falls; 9. Brandon Rokusek, Geddes; 10. Mitch Runge, Sioux Falls; 11. Dusty Zomer, Brandon; 12. Dusty Wasmund, Sioux Falls; 13. Troy Vink, Sioux Falls; 14. John Miller, Plankinton; 15. Randy Droescher, Larchwood, Iowa; 16. Bradley Nelson, Brookings; 17. Joe Riedel, Ramona; 18. Brad Buysse, Luverne, Minn.; 19. Dusty Ballenger, Harrisburg; 20. Brock Dump, Lennox; 21. Robert Danielson, Sioux Falls.

Nordstrom's Late Model Stock Cars

Heat #1: 1. Howard Baartman, Sioux Falls; 2. Dan Jensen, Humboldt; 3. Scott Freet, Madison; 4. Gary Brown Jr, Sioux Falls; 5. Rick Goth, Madison; 6. Matt Steuerwald, Madison; 7. Chad Schettler, Brandon.

Heat #2: 1. Don Bickett, Ramona; 2. Chad Overgaard, Luverne, Minn.; 3. Perry Tschetter, Bridgewater; 4. David Kruger, Sioux Falls; 5. JJ Zebell, Parker; 6. Justin Glaser, Sioux Falls.

A Feature: 1. Dan Jensen, Humboldt; 2. Howard Baartman, Sioux Falls; 3. Don Bickett, Ramona; 4. JJ Zebell, Parker; 5. Gary Brown Jr, Sioux Falls; 6. Rick Goth, Madison; 7. Scott Freet, Madison; 8. Matt Steuerwald, Madison; 9. Chad Overgaard, Luverne, Minn.; 10. Perry Tschetter, Bridgewater; 11. David Kruger, Sioux Falls; 12. Justin Glaser, Sioux Falls; 13. Chad Schettler, Brandon.

Sportsman Stock Cars

Heat #1: 1. Russ Peterson, Sioux Falls; 2. Anthony Mann, Brandon; 3. Daryl Reverts, Humboldt; 4. Chris Huisman, Rock Rapids, Iowa; 5. Gary Brown Sr., Winner; 6. Kevin Spurgin, Madison; 7. Greg Roemen, Ellsworth, Minn..

Heat #2: 1. Rick Vander Weide, Sioux Falls; 2. Cody Brown, Wentworth; 3. Billy Prouty, Alexandria; 4. Jeff Hoogendoorn, Rock Rapids, Iowa; 5. Mike Forseth, Sioux Falls; 6. Cory Bomgaars, Worthington, Minn.; 7. Joseph Hofer, Mitchell.

A Feature: 1. Rick Vander Weide, Sioux Falls; 2. Anthony Mann, Brandon; 3. Chris Huisman, Rock Rapids, Iowa; 4. Daryl Reverts, Humboldt; 5. Russ Peterson, Sioux Falls; 6. Jeff Hoogendoorn, Rock Rapids, Iowa; 7. Cory Bomgaars, Worthington, Minn.; 8. Kevin Spurgin, Madison; 9. Gary Brown Sr., Winner; 10. Mike Forseth, Sioux Falls; 11. Billy Prouty, Alexandria; 12. Cody Brown, Wentworth; 13. Greg Roemen, Ellsworth, Minn.; 14. Joseph Hofer, Mitchell.

Gary's Tire Service Hobby Stocks

Heat #1: 1. Colter Deutsch, Kanaranzi, Minn.; 2. Aaron Penning, Dell Rapids; 3. Adam Kutzbach, Worthington, Minn.; 4. Devon McMartin, Canton; 5. Bob DeBoer, Little Rock, Iowa; 6. David Beman Jr., Sioux Falls.

Heat #2: 1. Nick Bahr, Madison; 2. Steve Eliason, Brookings; 3. Chris Tiesler, Ellsworth, Minn.; 4. Jon DeBoer, Little Rock, Iowa; 5. Randy Bruggeman, Brandon.

Heat #3: 1. Lane Brenden, Mitchell; 2. Mike McGillivray, Madison; 3. Scott Borkowski, Mitchell; 4. Matthew Jensen, Humboldt; 5. Jeff Deighton, Sioux Falls.

A Feature: 1. Lane Brenden, Mitchell; 2. Nick Bahr, Madison; 3. Mike McGillivray, Madison; 4. Chris Tiesler, Ellsworth, Minn.; 5. Jon DeBoer, Little Rock, Iowa; 6. Colter Deutsch, Kanaranzi, Minn.; 7. Aaron Penning, Dell Rapids; 8. Matthew Jensen, Humboldt; 9. Bob DeBoer, Little Rock, Iowa; 10. Randy Bruggeman, Brandon; 11. Steve Eliason, Brookings; 12. Jeff Deighton, Sioux Falls; 13. David Beman Jr., Sioux Falls; 14. Scott Borkowski, Mitchell; 15. Adam Kutzbach, Worthington, Minn.; 16. Devon McMartin, Canton.