Race Results
May 18, 2003

McCarl tops full field to take Huset's win

By Shawn Neisteadt

(May 18, 2003-Sioux Falls, SD)  Racing returned to Huset's Speedway on Sunday night after Mother Nature claimed the two weeks in a row.

A total of 22 Interstate Auto Parts Outlaw sprint cars took the green flag.  Randy Rosenboom took the lead of the race at the drop of the green.  Three laps into the race mechanical problems set in on the #33 of Jim Smith and his slowing car brought out the first caution.

On the ensuing restart, Terry McCarl took the fifth spot from Jake Peters and on the other end of the track took fourth from Gary DeWall.  On lap four, Clint Garner used the high line to take the lead from Rosenboom as they exited the fourth turn.  On the next lap McCarl moved up to third as he took the spot from Chuck McGillivray.  McCarl then passed Rosenboom on lap six for second place and then took the top spot from Garner on lap 7 as they raced off of the fourth turn.

The caution waved on lap 8 when Lynton Jeffery slowed on the speedway with mechanical problems.  The green flag soon waved again, and when it did, DeWall went around McGillivray for fourth place and Justin Henderson moved into fifth.  DeWall soon took third from Rosenboom and Henderson followed suit and took fourth place.  The race was 12 laps old when DeWall moved into second.

The final caution of the race waved on lap 14 when Brian Kristan slowed on the speedway.  Justin Henderson moved into third and the restart and then took second on lap 15.  McCarl went on to take his 62nd career win at the speedway with Henderson second.  Third place went to DeWall and Garner crossed the line fourth.  Jake Peters came back to take fifth.  McCarl, DeWall and John Lambertz won the heat races.

Dusty Ballenger and Dusty Zomer battled for the lead in the early laps of the Lewis-Pepsi-Dr. Pepper 360 Sprint Car feature.  Ballenger drove into the lead on lap in turn two on lap two and never looked back to grab his first win of the season.  Butch Hanssen charged from his eleventh starting position to take second and Micah Schliemann came from ninth to take third.  Zomer slowed late in the race with motor trouble but was able to hold on for a fourth place finish and Lyle Howey III took fifth.  Ballenger, Jake Peters and Johnn Cressman won the heat races.

Davis Kruger spun out early in the Nordstrom's Late Model Stock Car feature.  With nowhere to go, Rick Goth slammed into the spun car.  Don Bickett and Matt Steuerwald were also collected.  Howard Baartman spun his car on the restart.  On the next restart, Chad Overgaard grabbed the lead and Overgaard laed the final 14 laps to claim the victory.  Perry Tschetter took second and Darrin Korthals raced his way from ninth to third.  Gary Brown took fourth and Dan Jensen came from tenth to fifth.  The heat races were won by Tschetter and Baartman.

In an impressive run, it took Nick Bahr three laps to go from ninth to the lead of the Gary's Tire Hobby Stock feature.  Bahr was untouchable and went on to take his first ever Huset's Speedway win.  Shaun Jurrens made a strong run to take second just ahead of Chad Anderson.  DJ Jones took fourth and Steve Eliason was fifth.  Jurrens and Tim Dann won the heat races.

Huset's Speedway races next Sunday at 8pm, and again on Monday for the Memorial Day special starting at 7pm.

Interstate Auto Center Outlaw Sprints

Heat #1: 1. Terry McCarl, Altoona, Iowa; 2. Jake Peters, Luverne, Minn.; 3. Jim Smith, Sheldon, Iowa; 4. Dusty Ballenger, Harrisburg; 5. Randy Rosenboom, Rock Rapids, Iowa; 6. Kurt Davis, Milwakee, Wis; 7. Todd Hepfner, Pewaukee, Wis; 8. Lynton Jeffrey, Des Monies, Iowa

Heat #2: 1. John Lambertz, Sioux Falls; 2. Mark Dobmeier, Grand Forks, N.D.; 3. Clint Garner, Sioux Falls; 4. Darrell Dodd, Benett Park, Ill.; 5. Fred Ebler, Waukengan, Ill.; 6. Jason Johnson, Greenfield, Wis; 7. Gregg Bakker, Sioux Falls

Heat #3: 1. Gary Dewall, Jackson, Minn.; 2. Justin Henderson, Sioux Falls; 3. Brad Pake, Felton, Minn.; 4. Chuck McGillivray, Madison; 5. Joe Roe, Pleasan Prairie, Wis; 6. Wade Nygaard, Fargo, N.D.; 7. Brian Kristan, Beach Park, Ill

A Feature: 1. Terry McCarl, Altoona, Iowa; 2. Justin Henderson, Sioux Falls; 3. Gary Dewall, Jackson, Minn.; 4. Clint Garner, Sioux Falls; 5. Jake Peters, Luverne, Minn.; 6. Gregg Bakker, Sioux Falls; 7. Randy Rosenboom, Rock Rapids, Iowa; 8. Chuck McGillivray, Madison; 9. Joe Roe, Pleasan Prairie, Wis; 10. Todd Hepfner, Pewaukee, Wis; 11. Mark Dobmeier, Grand Forks, N.D.; 12. Dusty Ballenger, Harrisburg; 13. Brad Pake, Felton, Minn.; 14. Wade Nygaard, Fargo, N.D.; 15. Darrell Dodd, Benett Park, Ill.; 16. John Lambertz, Sioux Falls; 17. Fred Ebler, Waukengan, Ill.; 18. Kurt Davis, Milwakee, Wis; 19. Jason Johnson, Greenfield, Wis; 20. Brian Kristan, Beach Park, Ill.; 21. Lynton Jeffrey, Des Monies, Iowa; 22. Jim Smith, Sheldon, Iowa.

Lewis / Pepsi/ Dr. Pepper 360 Sprints

Heat #1: 1. Jake Peters, Luverne, Minn.; 2. Dusty Zomer, Brandon; 3. Doug Martens, Ward; 4. Joe Riedel, Ramona; 5. Eric McGillivray, Canton; 6. Brent Vonk, Hudson

Heat #2: 1. Dusty Ballenger, Harrisburg; 2. Butch Hanssen, Sioux Falls; 3. Lyle Howey III, Brookings; 4. Ryan Bickett, Ramona; 5. Bryan Dobesh, Sioux Falls; 6. Troy Vink, Sioux Falls

Heat #3: 1. Johnn Cressman, Hartford; 2. Micah Schliemann, Hartford; 3. Terry Reilly, Watertown; 4. Mitch Runge, Sioux Falls; 5. Randy Droescher, Larchwood, Iowa; 6. Brock Dump, Lennox; 7. Josh Holt, Webster.

A Feature: 1. Dusty Ballenger, Harrisburg; 2. Butch Hanssen, Sioux Falls; 3. Micah Schliemann, Hartford; 4. Dusty Zomer, Brandon; 5. Lyle Howey III, Brookings; 6. Jake Peters, Luverne, Minn.; 7. Ryan Bickett, Ramona; 8. Johnn Cressman, Hartford; 9. Randy Droescher, Larchwood, Iowa; 10. Terry Reilly, Watertown; 11. Mitch Runge, Sioux Falls; 12. Brock Dump, Lennox; 13. Joe Riedel, Ramona; 14. Bryan Dobesh, Sioux Falls; 15. Josh Holt, Webster; 16. Troy Vink, Sioux Falls; 17. Doug Martens, Ward; 18. Eric McGillivray, Canton; 19. Brent Vonk, Hudson.

Nordstrom's Late Model Stock Cars

Heat #1: 1. Perry Tschetter, Bridgewater; 2. Gary Brown Jr, Sioux Falls; 3. Darrin Korthals, Rock Rapids, Iowa; 4. Don Bickett, Ramona; 5. JJ Zebell, Parker; 6. Matt Steuerwald, Madison; 7. Jeff Kroger, Canton.

Heat #2: 1. Howard Baartman, Sioux Falls; 2. Scott Freet, Madison; 3. Chad Overgaard, Luverne, Minn.; 4. David Kruger, Sioux Falls; 5. Dan Jensen, Humboldt; 6. Rick Goth, Madison.

A Feature: 1. Chad Overgaard, Luverne, Minn.; 2. Perry Tschetter, Bridgewater; 3. Darrin Korthals, Rock Rapids, Iowa; 4. Gary Brown Jr, Sioux Falls; 5. Dan Jensen, Humboldt; 6. Howard Baartman, Sioux Falls; 7. Don Bickett, Ramona; 8. JJ Zebell, Parker; 9. Scott Freet, Madison; 10. Jeff Kroger, Canton; 11. Matt Steuerwald, Madison; 12. Rick Goth, Madison; 13. David Kruger, Sioux Falls.

Gary's Tire Service Hobby Stocks

Heat #1: 1. Nick Bahr, Madison; 2. Bob DeBoer, Little Rock, Iowa; 3. Jon DeBoer, Little Rock, Iowa; 4. Steve Eliason, Brookings; 5. Josh Klay, Magnolia, Minn.

Heat #2: 1. Tim Dann, Hartford; 2. DJ Jones, Sioux Falls; 3. David Beman Jr., Sioux Falls; 4. Mike Buss, Luverne, Minn.; 5. Travis Johnson, Colman.

Heat #3: 1. Shaun Jurrens, Little Rock, Iowa; 2. Chad Anderson, Madison; 3. Billy Cowell, Steen, Minn.; 4. Scott Borkowski, Mitchell; 5. Tim Ralfs, Canton; 6. Colter Deutsch, Kanaranzi, Minn.

A Feature: 1. Nick Bahr, Madison; 2. Shaun Jurrens, Little Rock, Iowa; 3. Chad Anderson, Madison; 4. DJ Jones, Sioux Falls; 5. Steve Eliason, Brookings; 6. Tim Dann, Hartford; 7. David Beman Jr., Sioux Falls; 8. Mike Buss, Luverne, Minn.; 9. Josh Klay, Magnolia, Minn.; 10. Jon DeBoer, Little Rock, Iowa; 11. Bob DeBoer, Little Rock, Iowa; 12. Billy Cowell, Steen, Minn.; 13. Scott Borkowski, Mitchell; 14. Colter Deutsch, Kanaranzi, Minn.; 15. Tim Ralfs, Canton; 16. Travis Johnson, Colman.