Race Results
April 27, 2003

Huset's Season Starts with Wild Action

By Shawn Neisteadt

(April 27, 2003-Sioux Falls, SD)  The Huset's Speedway season kicked off Sunday night.  The night was full of action and great racing.

Chuck McGillivray pulled from the pole position to the lead of the Interstate Auto Parts Outlaw Sprint feature as the green flag waved.  McGillivray used the bottom as Mark Dobmeier rode the brim of the speedway in the second spot.  The lead changed hands on lap three when Dobmeier's momentum took him past McGillivray on the exit of turn two.  On the fourth lap, Terry McCarl moved into the top five as he passed Gary DeWall

The fifth lap around the oval moved the #R19 of Justin Henderson into second as he took the spot from McGillivray.  Six laps into the race, McCarl took third from McGillivray and on the same lap passed Henderson for second.  The field was working lap seven when McCarl dipped under Dobmeier and snatched the lead.

The field was at the halfway point of the 20 lap race when the leader, McCarl, slowed exiting turn two.  Dobmeier quickly reclaimed the top spot, but soon it was apparent why McCarl had slowed.  The Big Game #24 had a flat right rear tire.  McCarl received a new sneaker from his crew and returned to the race.

When the green flew once again, Dobmeier was challenged for the lead by Henderson.  Henderson dove under Dobmeier entering turn three on lap 12 and took the lead.  The battle wasn't over though.  Dobmeier challenge and retook the lead on the next lap.  Henderson battled back and took the lead once again where he had taken moments before.  Fourteen laps were in the books when McCarl returned to the third place, this time taking it from Jake Peters.

With two laps to go, Dobmeier dove to the inside of Henderson and pulled the slide job for the lead off turn two.  Henderson dove back to the inside on the backstretch.  The racing was enough to slow the leaders' momentum and McCarl shot back into the hunt.  As the top three exited turn four and took the white flag, they were three wide.  McCarl took the lead entering one and Henderson and Dobmeier continued to battle all the way to the checkered.

McCarl was first across the line.  Henderson grabbed second and Dobmeier was third.  Peters was fourth and Gary DeWall was fifth.  "I got lucky and they started racing," said McCarl after the win.  McCarl and Henderson won the heat races.

Three laps into the Lewis-Pepsi-Dr. Pepper 360 sprint car feature the red flag waved.  Rob Danielson went too high and tagged the wall in turn three.  Danielson rode it out until bouncing and flipping wildly in turn four.  The car landed against the catch fence and also burst into flame.  After being checked out on the infield, Danielson was unharmed.

As for the race, Butch Hanssen led the first four laps until Jake Peters took the top spot exiting turn four.  The two battled but it was Peters who eventually pulled away in traffic to take the win.  Hanssen was second.  Randy Droescher finished third followed by Joe Riedel and Brent Vonk.  Peters, Droescher and Micah Schliemann won the heat races.

It took five laps for Gary Brown Jr., to make a move for the lead of the Nordstrom's Late Model Stock car feature.  The move under Scott Freet came with a price as the two cars touched entering turn one.  Three laps later Brown relinquished the lead as he slowed.  Freet also slowed and the yellow waved over the speedway.  Mark DeBoer inherited the lead when Brown dropped out and led the rest of the way for the win from the eleventh starting position. Rick Goth finished second after being tagged in an earlier incident.  Darrin Korthals was third and JJ Zebell finished fourth.  Don Bickett made a last lap pass to finish fifth.  Brown and Korthals won the heat races.

The defending Hobby Stock champion started 2003 where he ended in 2002.  Colter Deutsch came from eleventh to the lead of the Hobby Stock feature on lap six.  Deutsch led the second half of the race for the win ahead of Steve Eliason, Tim Dann, Scott Borkowski and Mike McGillivray.  Eliason, McGillivray and Nick Bahr won the heat races.

Huset's Speedway races again on Sunday night.

Interstate Auto Center Outlaw Sprints

Heat #1: 1. R19 Justin Henderson, Sioux Falls, SD; 2. 13 Mark Dobmeier, Grand Forks, ND; 3. 17v Clint Garner, Sioux Falls, SD; 4. 33 Jim Smith, Sheldon, IA; 5. 2H Ryan Voss, Okoboji, IA; 6. 14R Randy Rosenboom, Rock Rapids, IA

Heat #2: 1. 24 Terry McCarl, Altoona, IA; 2. 57x Jake Peters, Luverne, MN; 3. 12L John Lambertz, Sioux Falls, SD; 4. 16 Gary Dewall, Jackson, MN; 5. 101 Chuck McGillivray, Madison, SD

A Feature: 1. 24 Terry McCarl; 2. R19 Justin Henderson; 3. 13 Mark Dobmeier; 4. 57x Jake Peters; 5. 16 Gary Dewall; 6. 12L John Lambertz; 7. 33 Jim Smith; 8. 101 Chuck McGillivray; 9. 14R Randy Rosenboom; 10. 2H Ryan Voss; 11. 17v Clint Garner

Lewis / Pepsi/ Dr. Pepper 360 Sprints

Heat #1: 1. 24 Randy Droescher, Larchwood, IA; 2. 17B Ryan Bickett, Ramona, SD; 3. 46 Robert Danielson, Sioux Falls, SD; 4. 56 Johnn Cressman, Hartford, SD; 5. 23W Scott Winters, Butterfield, MN; 6. 28 Mitch Runge, Sioux Falls, SD

Heat #2: 1. 57 Jake Peters, Luverne, MN; 2. 55 Lyle Howey III, Brookings, SD; 3. 11JR Joe Riedel, Ramona, SD; 4. 12 Brock Dump, Lennox, SD; 5. 35 Eric McGillivray, Canton, SD; 6. 3D Dusty Ballenger, Harrisburg, SD

Heat #3: 1. 9 Micah Schliemann, Hartford, SD; 2. 8k Butch Hanssen, Sioux Falls, SD; 3. 1 Dusty Zomer, Brandon, SD; 4. 21V Brent Vonk, Hudson, SD; 5. 77 Troy Vink, Sioux Falls, SD; 6. 51 Doug Martens, Ward, SD

A Feature: 1. 57 Jake Peters; 2. 8k Butch Hanssen; 3. 24 Randy Droescher; 4. 11JR Joe Riedel; 5. 21V Brent Vonk; 6. 9 Micah Schliemann; 7. 55 Lyle Howey III; 8. 12 Brock Dump; 9. 28 Mitch Runge; 10. 35 Eric McGillivray; 11. 23W Scott Winters; 12. 17B Ryan Bickett; 13. 77 Troy Vink; 14. 51 Doug Martens; 15. 3D Dusty Ballenger; 16. 46 Robert Danielson; 17. 56 Johnn Cressman; 18. 1 Dusty Zomer

Nordstrom's Late Model Stock Cars

Heat #1: 1. 11K Darrin Korthals, Rock Rapids, IA; 2. 42 Chad Overgaard, Luverne, MN; 3. 23 Mark DeBoer, Adrian, MN; 4. 20 Perry Tschetter, Bridgewater, SD; 5. 29Z JJ Zebell, Parker, SD; 6. 97 David Kruger, Sioux Falls, SD; 7. 98 Dan Jensen, Humboldt, SD

Heat #2: 1. 22 Gary Brown Jr, Sioux Falls, SD; 2. 17 Don Bickett, Ramona, SD; 3. 82 Howard Baartman, Sioux Falls, SD; 4. 69 Scott Freet, Madison, SD; 5. 90 Rick Goth, Madison, SD; 6. 48 Brad Van Voorst, Canton, SD; 7. 80 Jeff Kroger, Canton, SD

A Feature: 1. 23 Mark DeBoer; 2. 90 Rick Goth; 3. 11K Darrin Korthals; 4. 29Z JJ Zebell; 5. 17 Don Bickett; 6. 97 David Kruger; 7. 42 Chad Overgaard; 8. 48 Brad Van Voorst; 9. 82 Howard Baartman; 10. 20 Perry Tschetter; 11. 22 Gary Brown Jr; 12. 69 Scott Freet; 13. 80 Jeff Kroger; 14. 98 Dan Jensen

Gary's Tire Service Hobby Stocks

Heat #1: 1. 15 Mike McGillivray, Madison, SD; 2. 40 Tim Dann, Hartford, SD; 3. 22X Brad Cowell, Luverne, MN; 4. 88 Travis Johnson, Colman, SD; 5. 28x Josh Klay, Magnolia, MN; 6. 2K Mike Kiggins, Canistota, SD

Heat #2: 1. 33 Nick Bahr, Madison, SD; 2. 16J Jon DeBoer, Little Rock, IA; 3. 77 DJ Jones, Sioux Falls, SD; 4. 5 Colter Deutsch, Kanaranzi, MN; 5. 25 Mike Buss, Luverne, MN; 6. 71 Tim Ralfs, Canton, SD;

Heat #3: 1. 42 Steve Eliason, Brookings, SD; 2. 2J Shaun Jurrens, Little Rock, IA; 3. 61JR Don Brady Jr, Sioux Falls, SD; 4. 9b Bob DeBoer, Little Rock, IA; 5. 1KP Kevin Prussman, Brookings, SD; 6. y4 David Beman Jr., Sioux Falls, SD

A Feature: 1. 5 Colter Deutsch; 2. 42 Steve Eliason; 3. 40 Tim Dann; 4. 1B Scott Borkowski; 5. 15 Mike McGillivray; 6. 33 Nick Bahr; 7. 22X Brad Cowell; 8. 77 DJ Jones; 9. 16J Jon DeBoer; 10. 88 Travis Johnson; 11. 2J Shaun Jurrens; 12. 9b Bob DeBoer; 13. 71 Tim Ralfs; 14. 1KP Kevin Prussman; 15. 61JR Don Brady Jr; 16. y4 David Beman Jr.; 17. 25 Mike Buss; 18. 2K Mike Kiggins; 19. 28x Josh Klay