Huset's Speedway
Racing Banquet
November 22, 2003

2003 410 Outlaw Sprints
(Left to Right): Troy Meyer (Accepting for Clint Garner, 3rd); John Lambertz, 8th; Jim Konda (Accepting for Gary DeWall, 4th)

2003 360 Sprints
Front Row (Left to Right): Dusty Zomer, 3rd; Dusty Ballenger, 2nd; Rocky Fey (Accepting for Butch Hanssen, 1st); Brock Dump, 5th
Back Row (Left to Right): Randy Droescher, 4th; Ryan Bickett, 6th; Brent Vonk, 7th

2003 Late Model Stock Cars
Front Row (Left to Right): Chad Overgaard, 1st; Gary Brown, Jr., 2nd; Howard Baartman, 3rd; Rick Goth, 4th; JJ Zebell, 6th
Back Row (Left to Right): Dan Jensen, 10th; Perry Tschetter, 9th; David Kruger, 8th; Scott Freet, 7th; Don Bickett, 5th

2003 Hobby Stocks
Front Row (Left to Right): Colter Deutsch, 1st; Jon DeBoer, 4th; Bob DeBoer, 3rd; Steve Eliason, 2nd;
Back Row (Left to Right): DJ Jones, 5th, ; Nick Bahr, 6th; Mike McGillivray, 9th; Aaron Penning, 10th

2003 Special Awards

Hobby Stock Rookie of the Year: Brad Cowell

Late Model Stock Car Rookie of the Year: Scott Overgaard

360 Sprint Rookie of the Year: Dusty Zomer

410 Sprint Rookie of the Year: Clint Garner

Stock Car Sportsman of the Year: Howard Baartman

Sprint Car Sportsman of the Year: Ryan Bickett

Sponsor of the Year: Al Nordstrov - Thunder Road

Behind the Scenes: Pat Carnicle & Jim Olson

Outstanding Contribution: Jay Masur - MedStar Paramedics

Racing Growth & Development: Chuck Zitterich - NMRA

Dedication to Racing: Art & Marie Nordstrom