Race Results
June 23, 2002

Peters and Schliemann Continue Hot Streak

By Shawn Neisteadt

(Brandon, SD-June 23, 2002) In front of a packed Huset's Speedway grandstand, Kenny Hansen and Terry Karn led the Outlaw Sprints to the drop of the green flag of the main event.  Hansen claimed the lead entering the first turn.  Jake Peters took second place with one lap completed.  Two laps later, Gary DeWall moved into the top three.  Four laps had been counted when the caution waved for the Citywide Insulation #R19 of Justin Henderson as he slowed entering turn three.

On the resulting restart, Travis Cram moved from sixth into fourth place.  Terry McCarl moved into the top five on lap six.  Hansen and the rest of the leaders ran into lap traffic on the ninth circuit of the 3/8 mile oval.  On the same lap, McCarl took the fourth place from Cram.  DeWall was the next victim as McCarl charged to the front.  McCarl took the third place from DeWall as they entered the first turn on lap 11.

The lead changed hands on lap 15 when Peters dove under Hansen in the first turn.  Hansen then lost second place to McCarl in turn four.  One lap later, Hansen, a veteran driver, looped his Gary Jensen Trucking #4 in turn two and once again the caution waved.  The caution put the cars nose to tail for a four lap dash to the checkereds.

When racing resumed, Chad Meyer moved around DeWall and into third place.  Peters would hold on and take his second feature win in a row.  McCarl took second with Meyer in third.  DeWall claimed fourth with Gregg Bakker rounding out the top five.

"I tried not to second guess myself," said Peters, pilot of the Folkens Brothers Trucking #57x after the win.  "I figured he'd (McCarl) be coming up through the traffic like he always does," added Peters.  The heat races were won by Peters and Hansen.  The Bosma Poultry #24 of McCarl set the Nordica Qualifications quick time.

Defending Huset's champion, John Miller, took the early lead of the 360 Sprint feature.  Cautions plagued the early laps of the 18 lap event.  Kory Rawstern spun with one lap down.  Troy Meyer spun on the restart, and Mitch Runge spun on that restart.  With four laps of racing completed, Johnn Cressman looped his car.

On the lap four restart, Micah Schliemann moved into the top five.   One lap later, Schliemann passed Shawn Van Wyhe for the fourth place.  On the next lap, Eric McGillivray lost the third place as Schliemann continued to charge forward.  Seven laps had been run when Clint Garner moved into a top five position.  One lap later, Troy Vink had a mechanical problem spin his #77 in the second turn.  The mechanical failure cost Vink second place and sidelined him for the night.

On the ensuing restart, Garner moved into third place behind Schliemann.  On lap 10, Miller and Schliemann battled for the lead but the race was again yellowed.  This time Brock Dump had hit the turn three wall and slowed on the speedway.  Garner and Schliemann battled for the second spot on the restart, but before another lap could be completed, the yellow waved once again.  Troy Meyer had looped the #1 on the backstretch.

Miller led the field to the green with five laps to go.  Schliemann followed Miller until they entered turn one on the final lap.  Schliemann dove under Miller and took the lead.  Schliemann charged from twelfth to lead the final lap and take his third win in a row.  Miller took second.  Terry Reilly came from the fifth row to finish third.  Clint Garner came from sixteenth to take fourth.  Shawn Van Wyhe took fifth.  "My car felt great," said Schliemann after the victory.  "I could have probably run it about anywhere."The heat races went to McGillivray, Runge and Rawstern.  Garner won the "B" feature.

It took Gary Brown nine laps to come from the fifth row to the lead of the Short Track Stock Car feature.  Brown held on to put his Plimpton Drywall #22 into victory land for the fourth time this year.  Jeff Kroger led laps two through nine and finished second.  Perry Tschetter led the first two laps and finished third.  JJ Zebell took fourth place followed by Don Bickett.  Bickett and Scott Freet won the heat races.

Colter Deutsch took the lead with a quarter of a lap left to take his second Hobby Stock feature win in a row.  Don Gerritsen led from the drop of the green until a flat tire slowed him on the final lap.  Gerritsen finished second followed by Mark Vanden Top.  Darwin Klaassen won the "B" feature and finished fourth.  The fifth spot went to Casey Abbas.  Hobby Stock heat race wins went to Deutsch, Abbas and Aaron Penning.

410 Outlaw Sprints

Qualifications: 1. 24 Terry McCarl, Pleasant Hill, IA, 10.674; 2. R19 Justin Henderson, Sioux Falls, SD, 11.098; 3. 16L Leonard Lee, Milo, IA, 11.219; 4. 11X Gregg Bakker, Sioux Falls, SD, 11.279; 5. 92 Travis Cram, Knoxville, IA, 11.368; 6. 16 Gary Dewall, Jackson, MN, 11.407; 7. 25 Chad Radel, Sioux Falls, SD, 11.526; 8. 1W Chad Meyer, Brandon, SD, 11.563; 9. 9 Wade Nygaard, Fargo, ND, 11.625; 10. 11 Troy Meyer, Sioux Falls, SD, 11.650; 11. 12L John Lambertz, Sioux Falls, SD, 11.680; 12. 8H Butch Hanssen, Sioux Falls, SD, 11.700; 13. 57x Jake Peters, Sioux Falls, SD, 11.707; 14. 4 Kenny Hansen, Nunda, SD, 11.720; 15. 7 Terry Karn, Harrisburg, SD, 11.983; 16. 51 Doug Martens, Wentworth, SD, 12.282; 17. 101 Chuck McGillivray, Madison, SD, 12.283; 18. 14R Randy Rosenboom, Rock Rapids, IA, 12.317; 19. 33 Jim Smith, Sheldon, IA, 12.429

Heat #1: 1. 57x Jake Peters; 2. 7 Terry Karn; 3. 9 Wade Nygaard; 4. 92 Travis Cram; 5. 16L Leonard Lee; 6. 24 Terry McCarl; 7. 12L John Lambertz; 8. 25 Chad Radel; 9. 101 Chuck McGillivray; 10. 33 Jim Smith

Heat #2: 1. 4 Kenny Hansen; 2. 1W Chad Meyer; 3. 11 Troy Meyer; 4. 11X Gregg Bakker; 5. 16 Gary Dewall; 6. R19 Justin Henderson; 7. 14R Randy Rosenboom; 8. 51 Doug Martens; 9. 8H Butch Hanssen

A Feature: 1. 57x Jake Peters; 2. 24 Terry McCarl; 3. 1W Chad Meyer; 4. 16 Gary Dewall; 5. 11X Gregg Bakker; 6. 16L Leonard Lee; 7. 11 Troy Meyer; 8. 12L John Lambertz; 9. 7 Terry Karn; 10. 25 Chad Radel; 11. 4 Kenny Hansen; 12. 8H Butch Hanssen; 13. 92 Travis Cram; 14. 101 Chuck McGillivray; 15. 33 Jim Smith; 16. 51 Doug Martens; 17. 14R Randy Rosenboom; 18. R19 Justin Henderson; 19. 9 Wade Nygaard

360 Sprints

Heat #1: 1. 35 Eric McGillivray; 2. 24 Randy Droescher; 3. 99 Shawn Van Wyhe; 4. 9 Micah Schliemann; 5. 17B Ryan Bickett; 6. 51m Bill Martens; 7. 2x Gary Winter; 8. 17v Clint Garner

Heat #2: 1. 28 Mitch Runge; 2. R19 Mike Mc Mahan; 3. 24M John Miller; 4. 3 Terry Reilly; 5. 17 Lee Goos Jr.; 6. 1 Troy Meyer; 7. 2D Dusty Ballenger

Heat #3: 1. 4K Kory Rawstern; 2. 56 Johnn Cressman; 3. 12 Brock Dump; 4. 77 Troy Vink; 5. 55 Lyle Howey III; 6. 11 Bob Gilliland; 7. 18 Gary Johnson

B Feature: 1. 17v Clint Garner; 2. 11 Bob Gilliland; 3. 1 Chad Meyer; 4. 18 Gary Johnson; 5. 51m Bill Martens; 6. 2D Dusty Ballenger; 7. 2x Gary Winter

A Feature: 1. 9 Micah Schliemann; 2. 24M John Miller; 3. 3 Terry Reilly; 4. 17v Clint Garner; 5. 99 Shawn Van Wyhe; 6. 11 Bob Gilliland; 7. 35 Eric McGillivray; 8. R19 Mike Mc Mahan; 9. 17 Lee Goos Jr.; 10. 12 Brock Dump; 11. 28 Mitch Runge; 12. 55 Lyle Howey III; 13. 24 Randy Droescher; 14. 17B Ryan Bickett; 15. 56 Johnn Cressman; 16. 1 Troy Meyer; 17. 77 Troy Vink; 18. 4K Kory Rawstern

Short Track Stock Cars

Heat #1: 1. 17 Don Bickett; 2. 80 Jeff Kroger; 3. 90 Rick Goth; 4. 29Z JJ Zebell; 5. 42 Chad Overgaard; 6. 25 Duane Bowden

Heat #2: 1. 69 Scott Freet; 2. 98 Dan Jensen; 3. 22 Gary Brown Jr; 4. 20 Perry Tschetter; 5. 82 Howard Baartman

A Feature: 1. 22 Gary Brown Jr; 2. 80 Jeff Kroger; 3. 20 Perry Tschetter; 4. 29Z JJ Zebell; 5. 17 Don Bickett; 6. 98 Dan Jensen; 7. 69 Scott Freet; 8. 90 Rick Goth; 9. 42 Chad Overgaard; 10. 82 Howard Baartman; 11. 25 Duane Bowden

Hobby Stocks

Heat #1: 1. 1x Aaron Penning; 2. 40 Tim Dann; 3. 81 Mark VandenTop; 4. 33 Nick Bahr; 5. 20t Adam Thielbar; 6. 23 Brian McMartin

Heat #2: 1. 8c Casey Abbas; 2. 27 Donald Gerritsen Jr; 3. 9b Bob DeBoer; 4. 3 Walter Kiggins; 5. y4 David Beman Jr.

Heat #3: 1. 5 Colter Deutsch; 2. 16j Jon DeBoer; 3. 2K Mike Kiggins; 4. 2j Shaun Jurrens; 5. c38 Brett Larsen; 6. 45 Darwin Klaassen

B Feature: 1. 45 Darwin Klaassen; 2. 20t Adam Thielbar; 3. y4 David Beman Jr.; 4. c38 Brett Larsen; 5. 23 Brian McMartin

A Feature: 1. 5 Colter Deutsch; 2. 27 Donald Gerritsen Jr; 3. 81 Mark VandenTop; 4. 45 Darwin Klaassen; 5. 8c Casey Abbas; 6. 40 Tim Dann; 7. 9b Bob DeBoer; 8. 16j Jon DeBoer; 9. 2j Shaun Jurrens; 10. 20t Adam Thielbar; 11. 3 Walter Kiggins; 12. 1x Aaron Penning; 13. 33 Nick Bahr; 14. 2K Mike Kiggins