Race Results
May 12, 2002

McCarl Returns to Victory Lane; Cressman Scores Second Career Win

By Shawn Neisteadt

          (Brandon, SD-May 12, 2002)  Despite chilly conditions and rain the day before, a large field of cars turned out for Huset's Speedway's annual Mother's Day special.  The night would see two defending track champions take home trophies as well as a young hot shoe claiming his second career win.

Terry McCarl and Justin Henderson led the full field of Outlaw Sprints to the start of the 25 lap feature.  McCarl, the five time and defending track champion, quickly asserted himself as the man to beat by taking the lead immediately.  With one lap completed, Leonard Lee maneuvered from his sixth starting position into the top three.  On the next circuit of the speedway, Chad Meyer overtook Kenny Hansen for the fifth spot.

Many positions shuffled as the leaders ran into lap traffic five laps into the event.  Hansen reclaimed fifth from Meyer, but Meyer would have none of it, and shot back into fifth on lap six.  Meanwhile, Gary DeWall had taken third away from Lee.  Lee lost fourth on lap eight when Meyer claimed the position.

With 10 laps in the books, the race slowed as Butch Hanssen stalled on the fringe of turn three.  Hanssen's #8 was removed and the field restarted.  DeWall took a stab at the lead entering the first turn, but McCarl got the better drive off turn two to keep the lead.  Just behind them, Meyer was continuing his charge forward and passed Henderson for third.  Hansen returned to the top five on the restart by passing Lee.  Lee was able to reclaim fifth on lap 11 when Hansen's #4 bicycled exiting turn two.  Hansen was able to keep the car from taking a tumble, but lost several positions.

With the white flag in the air, the second position changed hands.   Meyer squeezed between the cement wall and a lap car to pass DeWall and take second.  McCarl led all 25 laps to claim career win 54 at Huset's.  Meyer, who one the previous week, finished second.  DeWall finished third with Henderson taking fourth.  Gregg Bakker finished strong edging Lee out of a top five spot.

"It always feels good when you win," commented McCarl, who continued, "Especially when you're having the kind of year we are."  McCarl was using a backup engine after blowing the primary power plant on Friday.

Outlaw sprint heat races were won by Bakker, Jake Peters, and Chuck Swenson.  Meyer set the Nordica quick time with a lap of 11.016 seconds.

Johnn Cressman had a change of luck and lad all 18 laps of the NMRA 360 Sprint Car feature.  Cressman charged from the front row to claim the opening lap lead.  Lap traffic became a factor only four laps into the event.  "Once I got into it, I got into a groove and let my momentum take me through," said Cressman on the slower traffic.

The evening's only red flag waved with three laps remaining when Buck Wilson slapped the turn one wall and flipped his Precision Drywall #3B violently.  The car was mangled, but Wilson walked away uninjured.

Cressman held on from the restart to claim his second career feature win.  Lee Goos finished second.  Randy Droescher brought his #24 to the line third with Clint Garner only inches behind for fourth.  Terry Reilly rounded out the top five.  Heat wins were scored by Cressman, Brock Dump, Dusty Ballenger, and Kory Rawstern.  Defending track champion, John Miller won the "B" feature.

Defending Short Track Stock Car champion, Gary Brown used a last corner move to take the win in the feature.  Rookie, Rick Goth took the lead on lap 10 and led until exiting the last turn for the checkered.  Goth finished second just inches behind Brown.  Perry Tschetter led the early laps and finished third.  Howard Baartman and Scott Freet rounded out the top five.  Heat wins went to Baartman and Dan Jensen.

410 Outlaw Sprints

Qualifications: 1. 1W Chad Meyer, Brandon, SD, 11.016; 2. 71 Dennis Moore, Jr., Grinnell, IA, 11.023; 3. 55 Don Droud, Jr., Lincoln, NE, 11.097; 4. 16L Leonard Lee, Milo, IA, 11.141; 5. 4 Kenny Hansen, Nunda, SD, 11.220; 6. 16 Gary Dewall, Jackson, MN, 11.497; 7. 12L John Lambertz, Sioux Falls, SD, 11.543; 8. R19 Justin Henderson, Sioux Falls, SD, 11.552; 9. 24 Terry McCarl, Pleasant Hill, IA, 11.580; 10. 5T Mark Toews, Spirit Lake, IA, 11.622; 11. 57x Jake Peters, Sioux Falls, SD, 11.637; 12. 11X Gregg Bakker, Sioux Falls, SD, 11.668; 13. X Chuck Swenson, Watertown, SD, 11.690; 14. 13 Mark Dobmeier, Grand Forks, ND, 11.793; 15. 8H Butch Hanssen, Rapid City, SD, 11.797; 16. 14R Randy Rosenboom, Rock Rapids, IA, 11.953; 17. 11 Troy Meyer, Sioux Falls, SD, 12.088; 18. 31m Kim Muntefering, Mitchell, SD, 12.168; 19. 101 Chuck McGillivray, Madison, SD, 12.193; 20. 33 Jim Smith, Sheldon, IA, 12.611; 21. 2 Gary Winter, Sioux Falls, SD, 13.523; 22. 25 Chad Radel, Sioux Falls, SD, No Time

Heat #1: 1. X Chuck Swenson; 2. 12L John Lambertz; 3. 1W Chad Meyer; 4. 16L Leonard Lee; 5. 14R Randy Rosenboom; 6. 5T Mark Toews; 7. 101 Chuck McGillivray

Heat #2: 1. 11X Gregg Bakker; 2. 16 Gary Dewall; 3. 24 Terry McCarl; 4. 55 Don Droud, Jr.; 5. 8H Butch Hanssen; 6. 11 Troy Meyer; 7. 2 Gary Winter

Heat #3: 1. 57x Jake Peters; 2. 4 Kenny Hansen; 3. 13 Mark Dobmeier; 4. R19 Justin Henderson; 5. 71 Dennis Moore, Jr.; 6. 33 Jim Smith; 7. 31m Kim Muntefering

A Feature: 1. 24 Terry McCarl; 2. 1W Chad Meyer; 3. 16 Gary Dewall; 4. R19 Justin Henderson; 5. 11X Gregg Bakker; 6. 16L Leonard Lee; 7. 55 Don Droud, Jr.; 8. 57x Jake Peters; 9. 71 Dennis Moore, Jr.; 10. X Chuck Swenson; 11. 13 Mark Dobmeier; 12. 5T Mark Toews; 13. 25 Chad Radel; 14. 14R Randy Rosenboom; 15. 12L John Lambertz; 16. 33 Jim Smith; 17. 31m Kim Muntefering; 18. 11 Troy Meyer; 19. 4 Kenny Hansen; 20. 101 Chuck McGillivray; 21. 8H Butch Hanssen; 22. 2 Gary Winter

360 Sprints

Heat #1: 1. 2D Dusty Ballenger; 2. 24 Randy Droescher; 3. 28 Mitch Runge; 4. 9 Micah Schliemann; 5. 35 Eric McGillivray

Heat #2: 1. 56 Johnn Cressman; 2. 3 Terry Reilly; 3. 1X Ryan Deighton; 4. 17v Clint Garner; 5. 24M John Miller; 6. 99 Shawn Van Whye

Heat #3: 1. 12 Brock Dump; 2. 1K Mark Slendy; 3. 17 Lee Goos Jr.; 4. 17B Ryan Bickett; 5. 3C Chase wilson; 6. 51 Doug Martens

Heat #4: 1. 4K Kory Rawstern; 2. 55 Lyle Howey III; 3. 3b Buck Wilson; 4. R19 Mike Mc Mahan; 5. 77 Troy Vink

B Feature: 1. 24M John Miller; 2. 77 Troy Vink; 3. 99 Shawn Van Whye; 4. 3C Chase wilson; 5. 35 Eric McGillivray; 6. 51 Doug Martens

A Feature: 1. 56 Johnn Cressman; 2. 17 Lee Goos Jr.; 3. 24 Randy Droescher; 4. 17v Clint Garner; 5. 3 Terry Reilly; 6. 55 Lyle Howey III; 7. 2D Dusty Ballenger; 8. 28 Mitch Runge; 9. 9 Micah Schliemann; 10. 24M John Miller; 11. 12 Brock Dump; 12. 1X Ryan Deighton; 13. 77 Troy Vink; 14. R19 Mike Mc Mahan; 15. 17B Ryan Bickett; 16. 1K Mark Slendy; 17. 3b Buck Wilson; 18. 4K Kory Rawstern

Short Track Stock Cars

Heat #1: 1. 82 Howard Baartman; 2. 20 Perry Tschetter; 3. 43 Mark Henry; 4. 17 Don Bickett; 5. 69 Scott Freet; 6. 42 Chad Overgaard

Heat #2: 1. 98 Dan Jensen; 2. 22 Gary Brown Jr; 3. 29Z JJ Zebell; 4. 80 Jeff Kroger; 5. 90 Rick Goth

A Feature: 1. 22 Gary Brown Jr; 2. 90 Rick Goth; 3. 20 Perry Tschetter; 4. 82 Howard Baartman; 5. 69 Scott Freet; 6. 98 Dan Jensen; 7. 17 Don Bickett; 8. 43 Mark Henry; 9. 29Z JJ Zebell; 10. 80 Jeff Kroger; 11. 42 Chad Overgaard