Race Results
July 15, 2001

McCarl scores fiftieth; Slendy claims first

By Shawn Neisteadt

Brandon, SD-As the evening began, Terry McCarl sat with 49 career wins at Huset's Speedway.  With his next win, he would tie Marty Barber for the most wins in one division in a career.  McCarl quickly asserted himself by setting the Nordica Qualification quick time with a lap of 10.87 seconds, but with 10 drawn for the invert, that meant he would have to come from the tenth spot to win the feature. Chuck Swenson jumped from the pole position into the lead a Doug Clark dropped the green flag on the 20-lap outlaw sprint main event.  Swenson had already caught lap traffic on the fourth lap, and the leaders began working their way through it.  But, racing slowed as Chad Radel lost a bar off the rear suspension and left the debris on the speedway.  The caution would wave and Radel would relinquish the third position and retire for the evening. As the field restarted, Skip Jackson piloted the Vermeer Motorsports #55 by Kenny Hansen and Chad Meyer and was now running in the third position.  On the ninth lap, Jackson planted the right rear tire into the turn two wall.  On the following lap, McCarl moved into the fifth spot as the leaders were again working traffic. On lap 11, Mark Dobmeier passed Swenson and claimed the lead.  At the same time, McCarl overtook Jackson for the fourth position.  Three laps later, McCarl moved by Meyer and Swenson and set his sights on Dobmeier. McCarl was slowly reeling in Dobmeier and was within striking distance with two laps to go.  As the two leaders entered turn three, Dobmeier's Dahlstrom Motors #13 would break loose, and the mistake allowed McCarl to claim the lead and go on to tie the all time wins record.  Dobmeier would finish a respectable second.  Swenson claimed his best finish of the season with third.  Chad Meyer finished fourth with Justin Henderson rounding out the top five.    " I went in a little too low into the corner, and the car got real sideways," said Dobmeier, the Grand Forks, ND resident, who added, "It's a fun track to race on." Dobmeier and Meyer claimed heat race wins.

Clint Garner jumped into the lead of the 18-lap NMRA 360 sprint feature.  But, as the yellow flag waved for Doug Martens, who had hit the turn four wall and stopped on the speedway with three laps completed, Garner's brakes would ignite, causing him to go to the pits and call it a night. The incident gave Kevin Droll the lead.  Droll, driver of the Billion Automotive #22x, was looking for his first career sprint car feature, but Mark Slendy was looking to do the same.  The two cars would battle side by side until Slendy took the lead on a lap eleven restart.  Slendy, who started seventh, held on to claim his first ever feature win.  Gary Johnson finished second.  Steve Haman came from eighth to finish third.  Droll held on to finish fourth and Mitch Runge crossed the line fifth. Heat race wins went to Eric Lutz, Johnson and Runge.  John Miller won the "B" feature.

"It feels great.  We've been chasing it all season," said Lee Schlumbohm after winning the Late Model Stock Car feature.  Schlumbohm led the first eight laps of the event, but on lap ten, the caution flag waved.  Chad Overgaard and Schlumbohm had been racing side by side, and with the scoring going to the last completed lap, Overgaard was given the restart lead for beat Schlumbohm to the line by inches on the previous lap. Overgaard held the lead until Schlumbohm would reinstate himself into the lead by passing Overgaard on the outside of turn four.  "I had a good line on the high side," commented Schlumbohm.  The groove would pay off as he put he put the Performance One car into victory lane for the first time this season.  Gary Brown Jr. came from the tenth starting position to finish second.  Overgaard finished third.  Perry Tschetter and Jeff Kroger rounded out the top five. Schlumbohm, Overgaard, and Kroger won the heat races.

410 Outlaw Sprints

Qualifications: 1. 24 Terry McCarl, Pleasant Hill, IA, 10.875; 2. 55 Skip Jackson, Knoxville, IA, 11.085; 3. 11X Gregg Bakker, Sioux Falls, SD, 11.117; 4. 16 Gary Dewall, Jackson, MN, 11.190; 5. R19 Justin Henderson, Sioux Falls, SD, 11.263; 6. 12L John Lambertz, Sioux Falls, SD, 11.324; 7. 9 Wade Nygaard, Fargo, ND, 11.418; 8. 4W Matt Wasmund, Worthington, MN, 11.490; 9. 1 Scott Fokken, Hartford, SD, 11.637; 10. 4 Kenny Hansen, Nunda, SD, 11.657; 11. 25 Chad Radel, Sioux Falls, SD, 11.695; 12. 1W Chad Meyer, Sioux Falls, SD, 11.711; 13. 13 Mark Dobmmeier, Grand Forks, ND, 11.895; 14. X Chuck Swenson, Watertown, SD, 12.006; 15. 101 Chuck McGillivray, Madison, SD, 12.015; 16. 14R Randy Rosenboom, Rock Rapids, IA, 12.140; 17. 53 Steve Ballenger, Harrisburg, SD, 12.160; 18. 9M Micah Schliemann, Hartford, SD, 12.219; 19. 2D Dusty Ballenger, Harrisburg, SD, 12.747

Heat #1: 1. 13 Mark Dobmmeier; 2. 25 Chad Radel; 3. 24 Terry McCarl; 4. 9 Wade Nygaard; 5. 11X Gregg Bakker; 6. R19 Justin Henderson; 7. 53 Steve Ballenger; 8. 2D Dusty Ballenger; 9. 1 Scott Fokken; 10. 101 Chuck McGillivray

Heat #2: 1. 1W Chad Meyer; 2. X Chuck Swenson; 3. 4W Matt Wasmund; 4. 4 Kenny Hansen; 5. 55 Skip Jackson; 6. 12L John Lambertz; 7. 16 Gary Dewall; 8. 9M Micah Schliemann; 9. 14R Randy Rosenboom

A Feature: 1. 24 Terry McCarl; 2. 13 Mark Dobmmeier; 3. X Chuck Swenson; 4. 1W Chad Meyer; 5. R19 Justin Henderson; 6. 4 Kenny Hansen; 7. 16 Gary Dewall; 8. 4W Matt Wasmund; 9. 9 Wade Nygaard; 10. 11X Gregg Bakker; 11. 12L John Lambertz; 12. 53 Steve Ballenger; 13. 2D Dusty Ballenger; 14. 9M Micah Schliemann; 15. 55 Skip Jackson; 16. 101 Chuck McGillivray; 17. 1 Scott Fokken; 18. 14R Randy Rosenboom; 19. 25 Chad Radel

"7-UP/Lewis/Pepsi" 360 Sprints

Heat #1: 1. 5 Eric Lutz; 2. 1K Mark Slendy; 3. 51 Doug Martens; 4. 22X Kevin Droll; 5. 55 Lyle Howey III; 6. 24M John Miller; 7. 51m Bill Martens

Heat #2: 1. 28 Mitch Runge; 2. 17 Lee Goos Jr.; 3. 17v Clint Garner; 4. 24 Randy Droescher; 5. 77 Troy Vink; 6. 21V Brent Vonk; 7. 11 Bob Gilliland

Heat #3: 1. 18 Gary Johnson; 2. 33 Bill Smith; 3. 3tw Terry Reilly; 4. 23 Steve Haman; 5. 4K Kory Rawstern; 6. 2k Kevin Ingle

B Feature: 1. 24M John Miller; 2. 11 Bob Gilliland; 3. 2k Kevin Ingle; 4. 21V Brent Vonk; 5. 51m Bill Martens

A Feature: 1. 1K Mark Slendy; 2. 18 Gary Johnson; 3. 23 Steve Haman; 4. 22X Kevin Droll; 5. 28 Mitch Runge; 6. 4K Kory Rawstern; 7. 3tw Terry Reilly; 8. 55 Lyle Howey III; 9. 24M John Miller; 10. 11 Bob Gilliland; 11. 5 Eric Lutz; 12. 33 Bill Smith; 13. 24 Randy Droescher; 14. 2k Kevin Ingle; 15. 77 Troy Vink; 16. 17 Lee Goos Jr.; 17. 17v Clint Garner; 18. 51 Doug Martens

Nordstrom's Late Model Stock Cars

Heat #1: 1. 00 Lee Schlumbohm; 2. 3 Matt Steuerwald; 3. 175 Ray Feltman Jr; 4. 98 Dan Jensen; 5. 01 Greg Mulder

Heat #2: 1. 42 Chad Overgaard; 2. 85 Rob Anderson; 3. 10 Dale Furby; 4. 9 Brad Wollman; 5. 82 Howard Baartman

Heat #3: 1. 80 Jeff Kroger; 2. 22 Gary Brown Jr; 3. 20 Perry Tschetter; 4. 23 Mark De Boer; 5. 17 Don Bickett

A Feature: 1. 00 Lee Schlumbohm; 2. 22 Gary Brown Jr; 3. 42 Chad Overgaard; 4. 20 Perry Tschetter; 5. 80 Jeff Kroger; 6. 85 Rob Anderson; 7. 175 Ray Feltman Jr; 8. 23 Mark De Boer; 9. 10 Dale Furby; 10. 98 Dan Jensen; 11. 17 Don Bickett; 12. 82 Howard Baartman; 13. 01 Greg Mulder; 14. 9 Brad Wollman; 15. 3 Matt Steuerwald