Race Results
July 4, 2000

By Rob Ristesund

A large crowd filled the stands on a warm evening for the annual Fourth of July racing program at Huset’s Speedway.

With the 410 sprints having the night off, the 360 sprints headlined the card and provided a wildly entertaining main event. The feature was a showcase of great driving exhibitions as several drivers came from the rear of the eighteen-car field to the front. Unfortunately, there were several crashes but luckily no one was injured. Justin Henderson emerged the victor of the eighteen-lap event after starting on the sixth row.    Pole-sitter Dusty Wasmund set the pace for the first 10 laps before Henderson ran him down and took the point. Shortly after Henderson’s pass, Wasmund clipped the outside front stretch wall and then hit the inside wall, forcing him out of the race. From then on it was all Henderson, as the Beresford driver ended up taking the checkered flag nearly the length of a straightaway ahead of Lyle Howey. Last row starter Micah Schliemann finished a strong third ahead of Donovan Peterson and John Miller.   Chad Meyer’s torrid run to the front from the eighth row came to an abrupt halt with seven laps to go when he made contact with Lyle Howey while battling for second. Meyer’s car flipped violently, getting high in the air on the backstretch in one of the most spectacular crashes of the year at the track.    Steve Haman was also the victim of a rollover after getting his car sideways in turn four on lap two and collecting Bob Gilliland. One lap later, the second place car of Justin Clark spun also in turn four, leaving Dusty Ballenger and Terry Reilly nowhere to go and putting both of them on their tops.

The sixth row was also the place to start for Ray Feltman, as he came through the field to win his third late model stock car feature of the year.    Feltman got by race-long leader Don Bickett with seven laps to go and went uncontested the rest of the way for the win. Dale Furby took second ahead of ninth row starter Brad Wollman, Todd Sterzinger and Rob Anderson.

Worthington’s Jerry Gronewold passed Russ Peterson with seven laps to go to capture the sportsmen feature win. Peterson held on to take second followed by Brad Klaassen, John Fitzgerald and Chris Ellingson.

Mike Kiggins took the lead with three laps to go and then held off Clint Potter for the hobby stock win.

"7-UP/Lewis/Pepsi" 360 Sprints

Heat #1: 1. 93 Dusty Wasmund; 2. 23 Steve Haman; 3. 1K Mark Slendy; 4. 3TW Terry Reilly; 5. 24 Randy Droescher; 6. 1W Chad Meyer; 7. 48 Gordy Vogelaar; 8. 31M Kim Muntefering (DNF)

Heat #2: 1. 24M John Miller; 2. 2D Dusty Ballenger; 3. 55 Lyle Howey, III; 4. 2 Mike Ellingson; 5. 17 Lee Goos, Jr.; 6. 10 Jeremy Kasten; 7. 77 Troy Vink

Heat #3: 1. 11 Bob Gilliland; 2. 4 Justin Clark; 3. 83 Justin Henderson; 4. 11XS Donovan Peterson; 5. 14 Bill Fredin; 6. 9 Micah Schliemann; 7. 81 Paul Poncelet (DNF)

B Feature: 1. 1W Chad Meyer; 2. 9 Micah Schliemann; 3. 10 Jeremy Kasten; 4. 31M Kim Muntefering; 5. 77 Troy Vink; DNS - 48 Gordy Vogelaar, 81 Paul Poncelet

A Feature: 1. 83 Justin Henderson; 2. 55 Lyle Howey, III; 3. 9 Micah Schliemann; 4. 11XS Donovan Peterson; 5. 24M John Miller; 5. 1K Mark Slendy; 6. 17 Lee Goos, Jr.; 8. 24 Randy Droescher; 9. 2 Mike Ellingson; 10. 14 Bill Fredin; 11. 10 Jeremy Kasten; 12. 1W Chad Meyer (DNF); 13. 93 Dusty Wasmund (DNF); 14. 4 Justin Clark (DNF); 15. 2D Dusty Ballenger (DNF); 16. 3TW Terry Reilly (DNF); 17. 23 Steve Haman (DNF); 18. 11 Bob Gilliland (DNF)

Late Model Stock Cars

First Heat: 1. Don Bickett, Ramona; 2. Rob Anderson, Chester; 3. Ray Feltman, Brandon; 4. Brad Van Voorst, Canton.

Second Heat: 1. Perry Tschetter, Bridgewater; 2. Jim Baartman, Sioux Falls; 3. Howard Baartman, Sioux Falls; 4. Gary Brown, Jr., Winner.

Third Heat: 1. Marty Barber, Brandon; 2. Doug Olivier, Garretson; 3. Lee Schlumbohm, Garretson; 4. Dale Furby, Sioux Falls.

Feature: 1. Feltman; 2. Furby; 3. Brad Wollman, Bridgewater; 4. Todd Sterzinger, Colman; 5. Anderson; 6. Tschetter; 7. Doug Olivier; 8. Jim Baartman; 9. Dan Jensen, Humboldt; 10. Howard Baartman; 11. Schlumbohm; 12. Van Voorst; 13. Bickett; 14. Ray Sveeggen, Beresford; 15. Gus Clark, Harrisburg.

Sportsman Stock Cars

First Heat: 1. Brad Klaassen, Adrian, Minn.; 2. John Fitzgerald, Rushmore, Minn.; 3. Rick Vander Weide, Sioux Falls; 4. Matt Steuerwald, Madison.

Second Heat: 1. Jerry Gronewold, Worthington, Minn.; 2. Russ Peterson, Sioux Falls; 3. Chris Ellingson, Madison; 4. Jim Parsons, Canton.

Third Heat: 1. Jeff Wittrock, Sioux Falls; 2. Matt Ayres, Parker; 3. Moose Schuldt, Sioux Falls; 4. Randy Vander Weide, Sioux Center, Iowa.

Feature: 1. Gronewold; 2. Peterson; 3. Klaassen; 4. Fitzgerald; 5. Ellingson; 6. Larry Kracht, Magnolia, Minn.; 7. Steuerwald; 8. Schuldt; 9. Wittrock; 10. Don Grems, Lester, Iowa.

IMCA Hobby Stock Cars

First Heat: 1. Craig Smith, Sioux Falls; 2. Clint Potter, Sioux Falls; 3. Ryan Bickett, Ramona.

Second Heat: 1. Anthony Mann, Luverne, Minn.; 2. Shawn Jurrens, Little Rock, Iowa; 3. Rick Wibeto, Sr., Sioux Falls; 4. Justin Selken, Hartford.

Feature: 1. Mike Kiggins, Tea; 2. Potter; 3. Smith; 4. Mann; 5. Selken; 6. Rick Wibeto, Jr., Sioux Falls; 7. Bickett; 8. Rick Wibeto, Sr.