Race Results
June 11, 2000

By Rob Ristesund

Terry Reilly captured his first outlaw sprint feature win of the year in a race that was overshadowed by a controversial incident late in the race at Huset’s Speedway Sunday night. Front-row starter Kenny Hansen took the lead at the start of the 25-lap event while Terry McCarl came from the third row to take second on lap two. Hansen maintained a comfortable lead over McCarl as the pair circled the oval, running the high groove just inches from the wall. A caution on lap eight bunched the field and McCarl tried a run on the bottom on the restart, only to lose ground to Hansen as the high side proved to be the groove to run. Hansen’s attempt to the low side later in the race to pass a slower car slowed him enough to allow McCarl to make up the distance between the two. With three laps to go, McCarl dove to the inside of Hansen in turn four, and his momentum carried him up the track and into Hansen, pinching Hansen into the wall and sending him into a series of flips. A chorus of boos from the large crowd turned to cheers when flagman Doug Clark disqualified McCarl for the move, and a discouraged McCarl was escorted from the track by security officers for his own safety. Reilly, who had been running a distant third, was the beneficiary of the incident, inheriting the lead on the restart and holding it to the finish. Chad Radel followed Reilly across the finish line followed by fast-timer Don Droud, Randy Nygaard, Gregg Bakker, Chad Meyer and Micah Schliemann.

The 360 sprint feature saw 18 year-old Dusty Ballenger take the win in just his second appearance ever at the track. Bob Zitterich jumped into the lead at the start of the 18-lap event, opening a sizable lead over fellow front row starter Ballenger early in the event. A caution on lap six wiped out Zitterich’s advantage, and while Zitterich was able to pull away on the restart, Ballenger slowly made up ground running the high side of the track while Zitterich hugged the bottom groove. On lap ten it was Ballenger riding the wall to take the lead from Zitterich, while Terry Reilly followed to take second. Reilly moved to within striking distance of Ballenger and made a last ditch attempt at the lead as the pair took the white flag by trying to slide underneath Ballenger. Reilly’s effort turned to be futile, as Ballenger pulled away and went on to the win. Reilly came up one position short in an attempt at a rare double win at the track, as he settled for second ahead of Zitterich, Butch Hanssen and Gordy Vogelaar.

The late model stock car feature was another event where a restart changed the complexion of the race, and it was Ray Sweeggen becoming the third driver of the night to score his first feature win of the year. Sweeggen ran down and passed race leader Rob Anderson on lap ten of the 18-lap event, and quickly pulled away from the rest of the 16-car field. While Sweeggen held command in the ensuing laps, Ray Feltman charged from the sixth row to snatch second place from Anderson with five laps to go. While Feltman was unable to gain much ground on Sveeggen, a caution with two laps to go put the pair bumper-to-bumper on the restart. When the race resumed, the duo battled side-by-side with Sveeggen running high and Feltman on the bottom, and it was Sveeggen edging Feltman by half a car length at the finish. Third went to Anderson followed by Perry Tschetter and Dave Olivier.

"Fast by Foley" 410 Outlaw Sprints

Qualifications: 1. 11X Gregg Bakker, 11.058; 2. 25 Chad Radel, 11.100; 3. 1M Don Droud, Jr., 11.166; 4. 16 Gary DeWall, 11.253; 5. 55 Terry McCarl, 11.280; 6. R19 Micah Schliemann, 11.306; 7. 9 Wade Nygaard, 11.415; 8. 3 Terry Reilly, 11.484; 9. 4 Kenny Hansen, 11.514; 10. 63 Randy Nygaard, 11.675; 11. 1W Chad Meyer, 11.841; 12. 14R Randy Rosenbbom, 12.035; 13. 101 Chuck McGillivray, 12.412; 14. 1 Scott Fokken, 12.577; 15. 53 Steve Ballenger, No Time

Heat #1: 1. 4 Kenny Hansen; 2. 55 Terry McCarl; 3. 1M Don Droud, Jr.; 4. 1W Chad Meyer; 5. 9 Wade Nygaard; 6. 101 Chuck McGillivray; DNS - 53 Steve Ballenger, 11X Gregg Bakker

Heat #2: 1. 3 Terry Reilly; 2. 25 Chad Radel; 3. 63 Randy Nygaard; 4. 16 Gary DeWall; 5. 1 Scott Fokken; 6. R19 Micah Schliemann (DNF); 7. 14R Randy Rosenboom (DNF)

A Feature: 1. 3 Terry Reilly; 2. 25 Chad Radel; 3. 1M Don Droud, Jr.; 4. 63 Randy Nygaard; 5. 11X Gregg Bakker; 6. 1W Chad Meyer; 7. R19 Micah Schliemann; 8. 1 Scott Fokken; 9. 101 Chuck McGillivray; 10. 9 Wade Nygaard; 11. 16 Gary DeWall (DNF); 12. 14R Randy Rosenboom (DNF); 13. 4 Kenny Hansen (DNF); 14. 55 Terry McCarl (DNF); DNS - 53 Steve Ballenger

"7-UP/Lewis/Pepsi" 360 Sprints

Heat #1: 1. 2D Dusty Ballenger; 2. 23 Steve Haman; 3. 10 Jeremy Kasten; 4. 83 Justin Henderson; 5. 2 Mike Ellingson; 6. 1K Mark Slendy; 7. 4 Justin Clark

Heat #2: 1. 3TW Terry Reilly; 2. 8 Butch Hanssen; 3. 24 Randy Droescher; 4. 24 Randy Droescher; 5. 4D Mark Duffy; 6. 47A Brad Nelson; 7. 20 Joe Peterson (DNF)

Heat #3: 1. 97 Bob Zitterich; 2. 48 Gordy Vogelaar; 3. 17 Lee Goos, Jr.; 4. 11 Bob Gilliland; 5. 11XS Donovan Peterson; 6. 1W Chad Meyer (DNF)

A Feature: 1. 2D Dusty Ballenger; 2. 3TW Terry Reilly; 3. 97 Bob Zitterich; 4. 8 Butch Hanssen; 5. 48 Gordy Vogelaar; 6. 83 Justin Henderson; 7. 10 Jeremy Kasten; 8. 11 Bob Gilliland; 9. 17 Lee Goos, Jr.; 10. 55 Lyle Howey, III; 11. 24 Randy Droescher; 12. 1K Mark Slendy; 13. 11XS Donovan Peterson; 14. 2 Mike Ellingson; 15. 4D Mark Duffy; 16. 20 Joe Peterson; 17. 4 Justin Clark; DNS - 23 Steve Haman, 47A Brad Nelson, 1W Chad Meyer

Late Model Stock Cars

Heat #1: 1. 85 Rob Anderson; 2. 20 Perry Tschetter; 3. 9 Brad Wollman; 4. 22 Gary Brown, Jr.; 5. 18 Doug Olivier; 6. 80 Howard Baartman

Heat #2: 1. 82 Marty Barber; 2. 71 Dave Olivier; 3. 17G Gus Clark; 4. 175 Ray Feltman; 5. 25 Duane Bowden; 6. 19 Kent Plimpton (DNF)

Heat #3: 1. 17 Don Bickett; 2. 00 Lee Schlombohm; 3. 21 Ray Sveeggen; 4. 34 Dale Furby; 5.98 Dan Jensen

A Feature: 1. 21 Ray Sveeggen; 2. 175 Ray Feltman; 3. 85 Rob Anderson; 4. 20 Perry Tschetter; 5. 71 Dave Olivier; 6. 22 Gary Brown, Jr.; 7. 34 Dale Furby; 8. 17 Don Bickett; 9. 00 Lee Schlombohm; 10. 82 Marty Barber; 11. 25 Duane Bowden; 12. 17G Gus Clark; 13. 80 Howard Baartman; 14. 18 Doug Olivier; 15. 19 Kent Plimpton; 16. 9 Brad Wollman (DNF); 17. 98 Dan Jensen (DNF)