Race Results
May 29, 2000

By Rob Ristesund

Watertown's Terry Reilly overcame a number of restarts and a misfiring engine to take the 360 sprint feature win in the special Memorial Day races Monday night at Huset's Speedway. Reilly took the lead at the start of the 18-lap event and was neverseriously challenged, in spite of four restarts. "Yeah, she was poppin' and bangin', but it still really ran strong. The restarts bothered me, because this is such a competitive class." Lee Goos, Jr. ran second the second half of the race, but couldn't come close to catching the fleet Reilly. "After last night's wreck, we pieced together this old car and I was just hoping it would hold together", said Goos. The race was red-flagged on lap eight when the second place car of Joe Peterson clipped the backstretch wall and flipped wildly, taking down part of  the billboards on top of the fence. Action was stopped again with five laps to go when Shawn Van Wyhe hit the turn two wall and rolled. Neither driver was injured.

Lee Schlumbohm held off a strong challenge by Ray Sveeggen to take the late model street stock feature. Schlumbohm took the win by a car length at the checkered, while Brad Wollman edged Ray Feltman by inches to take third.

Madison's Matt Steuerwald led all the way to take the win in the sportsmen feature. Steuerwald took the win by a straightaway over Russ Peterson, who held off Rick Vander Weide for second. Rick Goth and Larry Kracht rounded out the top five.

Rookie Joe Fitzpatrick of Sioux Falls inherited the lead on lap four when leader Ryan Bickett lost a wheel and went on to win the hobby stock feature. Second went to Rick Wibeto followed by Jeff Beck and Anthony Mann.

"7-UP/Lewis/Pepsi" 360 Sprints

Heat #1: 1. 3TW Terry Reilly; 2. 17 Lee Goos, Jr.; 3. 20 Joe Peterson; 4. 83 Justin Henderson; 5. 2 Mike Ellingson; 6. 23 Steve Haman; 7. 29 Jerry Kramer

Heat #2: 1. 8 Butch Hanssen; 2. 55 Lyle Howey, III; 3. 51 Doug Martens; 4. 24 Randy Droescher; 5. 4D Mark Duffy; 6. 3B Rick Adams; 7. 56 Johnn Cressman

Heat #3: 1. 10 Jeremy Kasten; 2. 1W Chad Meyer; 3. 99 Shawn VanWhye; 4. 2D Dusty Ballenger; DNS - 11 Bob Gilliland

B Feature: 1. 2 Mike Ellingson; 2. 23 Steve Haman; 3. 29 Jerry Kramer; 4. 3B Rick Adams; 5. 4D Mark Duffy; 6. 11 Bob Gilliland; 7. 56 Johnn Cressman; 8. 21 Chad Larson

A Feature: 1. 1. 3TW Terry Reilly; 2. 17 Lee Goos, Jr.; 3. 55 Lyle Howey, III; 4. 10 Jeremy Kasten; 5. 8 Butch Hanssen; 6. 83 Justin Henderson; 7. 1W Chad Meyer; 8. 24 Randy Droescher; 9. 3B Rick Adams; 10. 51 Doug Martens; 11. 99 Shawn VanWhye; 12. 23 Steve Haman; 13. 29 Jerry Kramer; 14. 20 Joe Peterson; 15. 2 Mike Ellingson

Late Model Stock Cars

First heat 1. Lee Schlumbohm, Garretson; 2. Ray Sveeggen, Beresford; 3. Brad Wollman, Bridgewater; 4. Ray Feltman, Brandon.

Second heat 1. Kent Plimpton, Lennox; 2. Perry Tschetter, Bridgewater; 3. Howard Baartman, Sioux Falls; 4. Gary Brown, Winner.

Third heat 1. Dale Furby, Sioux Falls; 2. Dave Olivier, Sioux Falls; 3. Brad Van Voorst, Canton; 4. Rob Anderson, Chester.

A feature 1. Schlumbohm; 2. Sveeggen; 3. Wollman; 4. Feltman; 5. Brown; 6. Furby; 7. Dan Jensen, Humboldt; 8. Howard Baartman; 9. Tschetter; 10. Van Voorst; 11. Anderson; 12. Doug Olivier, Garretson; 13. Dave Olivier; 14. Don Bickett, Ramona; 15. Plimpton.

Sportsman Stock Cars

First heat 1. Brad Klaassen, Adrian, Minn.; 2. Matt Steuerwald, Madison; 3. Russ Peterson, Sioux Falls; 4. Moose Schuldt, Sioux Falls.

Second heat 1. Rick Vander Weide, Sioux Falls; 2. Larry Kracht, Magnolia, Minn.; 3. Jeremy Van Wyhe, Larchwood, Iowa; 4. Rick Goth, Madison.

A feature 1. Steuerwald; 2. Peterson; 3. Vander Weide; 4. Goth; 5. Kracht; 6. Schuldt; 7. Gary Mulder, Canton; 8. Brad Haas, Sioux Falls.

IMCA Hobby Stock Cars

First heat 1. Darwin Klaassen, Little Rock, Iowa; 2. Craig Smith, Sioux Falls; 3. Dale Tomes, Dell Rapids; 4. Mike Kiggins, Tea.

Second heat 1. Anthony Mann, Luverne, Minn.; 2. Jeff Beck, Howard; 3. Tim Dann, Tea; 4. Dean Dunkelberger, Hartford.

Third heat 1. Ryan Bickett, Ramona; 2. Rick Wibeto, Sioux Falls; 3. Joe Fitzpatrick, Sioux Falls; 4. Tim Waltner, Freeman.

B feature - 1. Jason Bradley, Sioux Falls; 2. Kevin Konda, Marion; 3. Justin Selken, Hartford; 4. John Hurley, Madison; 5. Billy Meyer, Freeman; 6. Paul Korthals, George, Iowa; 7. Andy Ullom, Madison.

A feature 1. Fitzpatrick; 2. Wibeto; 3. Beck; 4. Mann; 5. Dann; 6. Klaassen; 7. Dunkelberger; 8. Tomes; 9. Bradley; 10. Kiggins; 11. Smith.