Race Results
Fred Buckmiller Racetrack
Sioux Falls, S.D.
September 26, 1999

By Rob Ristesund

Danny Lasoski took a day off from the World of Outlaws tour and his point battle with Mark Kinser  to pay a visit to the locality where he onced raced as a regular for several years, and left evidence why he is one of the top sprint car drivers in the country as he won the 36th annual Cheaters Day event in Sioux Falls.

After starting in the sixth row of the twenty-two car field, it took Lasoski about half of the twenty-five laps on the big 5/8 mile track to work his way through the field and then run down pole-sitter and early leader Terry McCarl. Once Lasoski caught McCarl, he easily slid under him in the second turn and quickly pulled away, going on to take the win by a straightaway’s advantage. The win earned Lasoski, a previous winner of the event, a trophy taller than himself and a $4000 check for him and car owner Guy Forbrook. McCarl settled for second followed by Gary DeWall, Dave Ekern and Marlon Jones.

The annual Ethanol Race of Champions was the headliner for the 360 sprints and it was Micah Schliemann taking the win worth $2000. Schliemann was running in second on the eleventh lap of the sixteen lap event when leader Butch Hanssen stopped in turn one with engine problems, giving the lead to Schliemann on the restart. With Saturday’s qualifying feature winner Chad Meyer right behind him, Schliemann quickly pulled away as the race resumed and was never seriously challenged the rest of the way. Meyer held on to take second while Dennis Moore, Jr. came all the way from the 22nd starting spot to take third. Buck Wilson and Jeremy Kasten rounded out the top five. The day’s only serious mishap occured with three laps to go in the event as Gary Zitterich launched his car over the second turn fence and flipped wildly outside the track. In spite of a heavily damaged sprinter, Zitterich was able to walk away from the incident.

Kelly Harmelink came from the fourth row to run down and overtake defending champion Brad Wollman on lap eight to win the ten lap late model stock car feature. Wollman settled for second followed by Terry Dieren, Curt Bauman and Jeff Kroger.      Josh Reisch led all the way to take the modified feature win. Greg Peck held off defending champion Ron Luitjens for second while Lyndon Johnson and Layne Saathoff rounded out the top five.

In the sportsmen feature it was Jerry Groenwold holding off fourth row starter John Fitzgerald to take the win by a car length at the finish. Third went to Russ Englund followed by Jack Byers and Chad Schettler.

After losing his lead to Steve Folkens early in the race, Dan Ross came back to regain the lead with three laps to go and went on to edge Folkens for the hobby stock feature win. Saturday’s qualifying feature winner Jeff Jacobson was third ahead of Jeremy Smith and Kevin Konda.


Outlaw Sprints

FIRST HEAT: 1. Tim Monson; 2. Terry McCarl; 3. John Sernett; 4. Jim Kouba; 5. Skip Jackson; 6. Dennis Moore, Jr.; 7. John Lambertz; 8. Al Hargrave

SECOND HEAT: 1. Kenny Hansen; 2. Gary DeWall; 3. Don Droud, Jr.; 4. Matt Wasmund; 5. Dean Brown; 6. 88 David Zitterich; 7. 38 Miles Grein.

THIRD HEAT: 1. Marlon Jones; 2. Dave Ekern; 3. Chad Radel; 4. Mark Dobmeier; 5. Micah Schliemann. 6. Scott Young; 7. Bill Smith.

FOURTH HEAT: 1. Danny Lasoski; 2. Gregg Bakker; 3. Wade Nygaard; 4. Lou Kennedy, Jr.; 5. Randy Roseboom. 6. Mark Toews; 7. Dale Lindburg; 8. Chuck McGillivray; 9. Charlie Rose.

B FEATURE: 1. Dennis Moore, Jr; 2. Mark Toews; 3. Scott Young; 4. John Lambertz; 5. Chuck McGillivray; 6. Al Hargrave; 7. Dale Lindberg; 8. Bill Smith; 9. Joe Kouba; 10. David Zitterich.

A FEATURE: 1. Danny Lasoski; 2. Terry McCarl; 3. Gary DeWall; 4. Dave Ekern; 5. Marlon Jones; 6. Gregg Bakker; 7. Wade Nygaard; 8. Skip Jackson; 9. Don Droud; 10. Kenny Hansen; 11. Scott Young; 12. Mark Toews; 13. John Sernett; 14. Randy Rosenboom. DNF: Chad Radel, Tim Monson, Jim Kouba, Matt Wasmund, Mark Dobmeier, Lou Kennedy, Micah Schliemann, Dennis Moore Jr.


360 Sprints

B FEATURE: 1. Randy Droescher; 2. Justin Henderson; 3. Lyle Howey; 4. Dennis Moore, Jr.; 5. Kent Winters; 6. Gary Zitterich; 7. Eric Lutz.

ETHANOL RACE OF CHAMPIONS: 1. Micah Schliemann; 2. Chad Meyer; 3. Dennis Moore; 4. Buck Wilson; 5. Jeremy Kasten; 6. Mike Ellingson; 7. Bob Zitterich; 8. Lee Goos; 9. Bill Fredin; 10. Gordy Vogelaar; 11. Kent Winters; 12. Justin Henderson; 13. Scott Fokken; 14. Lyle Howey; 15. Steve Ballenger; 16. Randy Droescher; 17. Mark Slendy; 18. Brett Stegenga. DNF: Gary Zitterich, Butch Hanssen, Kim Muntefering, Paul Poncelet, Dean Brown, Tim Martens.

Late Model Stock Cars

FEATURE: 1. Kelly Harmelink; 2. Brad Wollman; 3. Terry Dieren; 4. Curt Bauman; 5. Jeff Kroger; 6. Nick Skalicky; 7. Duane Bowden; 8. Rick Vander Weide; 9. John Schwanns; 10. Pat Connell; 11. Brad Van Voorst; 12. Don Bickett; 13. Jeff Mott; 14. Mark Nelson


FEATURE: 1. Josh Reisch; 2. Greg Peck; 3. Ron Luitjens; 4. Lyndon Johnson; 5. Layne Saathorff; 6. Robert Schmitt; 7. Kevin Pospisil; 8. Marlin Kracht; 9. Robert Bitz; 10. Scott Knudson; 11. Roland Small; 12. Ron Beckstrom; 13. Kevin LaVoy; 14. Brad Wollman; 15. Jim Fogelman.


FEATURE: 1. Jerry Groenwold; 2. John Fitzgerald; 3. Russ Englund; 4. Jack Byers; 5. Chad Schettler; 6. John Hines; 7. Russ Peterson; 8. Moose Schuldt; 9. Chad Overgaard; 10. #93 (driver unknown); 11. Swede Koepke; 12. Jeff Wittrock; 13. Laura Mulder; 14. Ryan Bickett.

IMCA Hobby Stocks

FEATURE: 1. Dan Ross; 2. Steve Folkens; 3. Jeff Jacobson; 4. Jeremy Smith; 5. Kevin Konda; 6. Dave Bosma; 7. Rick Wibeto; 8. Randy Bruggeman; 9. Gayle Morgan; 10. Tim Dann; 11. Dean Dunkelberger.