Race Results
September 6, 1999

By Rob Ristesund

102 cars jammed the infield to provide plenty of racing excitement at the final race of the 1999 season Monday night at Huset’s Speedway.

In the Pam Oil/Valvoline/AC Delco/Lewis/Pepsi 360 sprint cars, Justin Henderson became the thirteenth different driver in the highly competitive division to win a feature this year as he ran away with the win in the main event. With the aid of several restarts, Henderson catapulted from his fifth row starting spot to take the lead on just the fourth lap of the eighteen lap event. The rest of the race was all Henderson as the young Beresford pilot roared to an easy win. Early race leader Donovan Peterson hung on to take second ahead of Randy Nygaard, Chad Meyer and Kim Muntefering. The race was red-flagged on lap three when Randy Droescher rolled his machine while attempting to elude the spun car of Lee Goos. Droescher was uninjured but his car was too severely damaged to continue. Butch Hanssen, who had clinched the point title prior to the evening’s action, suffered motor problems and was forced to the infield prior to the start of the race.

Todd Sterzinger’s hot streak in the Brandon Valley Insurance late model stock cars continued as he captured his third feature win at the track in two nights. Sterzinger inherited the lead with five laps to go when leader Ray Feltman had the misfortune of running over debris on the track and flattening two tires after Kent Plimpton’s transmission exploded in front of the grandstand. After that it was all Sterzinger as the Colman driver raced uncontested the rest of the way. The battle for second went to Perry Tschetter who edged Wayne Kruger for the runner-up spot with Dale Furby and Brad Wollman rounding out the top five. Like Butch Hanssen, Dan Jensen had the late model stock car point title wrapped up prior to the feature while also like Hanssen, Jensen failed to finish the event due to mechanical woes.

The sportsman cars made one of their several visits to the track this year and it was veteran Jerry Groenwold taking another feature win. Groenwold snatched the lead from J.J. Zebell following a restart on the ninth lap of the fifteen lap event and was never headed the rest of the way. Second went to Russ Peterson followed by Kevin Spurgin and sixth row starters Mike Husman and Matt Ayres.

In the hobby stock A feature, it was Magnolia, Minn.’s Larry Kracht taking the victory. Kracht came all the way from the fifth row to pass Dean Dunkelberger for the lead on lap five and raced uncontested the rest of the twelve lap distance. Jeremy Heerde came from the sixth row to take second ahead of Dunkelberger, Tim Dann and Ryan Bickett.

The “Deuces Wild” front-wheel drive two driver cars made their only appearance of the year at the track and showed that what they lack for in speed they make up for in excitement. When the checkered finally flew, it was the team of Harmon and Ludwig taking the win followed by Fedeler and Fedeler. The feature was red-flagged twice; once when the team of Anderson and Michelke’s car flipped wildly at the end of the front straight and once again when Parish and Fuller rolled their car in the second turn. Fortunately, all those involved walked away uninjured.

Racing action for the final races of the 1999 season will move to the Sioux Empire Fairgrounds for the 36th annual Cheaters Day races, Saturday and Sunday, September 25 & 26. 360 sprints, late model stock cars, sportsmen, modifieds and hobby stocks will race on Saturday with outlaw sprints joining the action on Sunday. The event features a $4000 first place prize for outlaw sprints and $2000 to win for the Ethanol Race of Champions for the 360 sprints.


360 Sprints

Heat #1: 1) 17 Lee Goos, Jr.; 2) 1 Scott Fokken; 3) 9 Micah Schliemann; 4) 101 Chuck McGillivray; 5) 47N Brad Nelson; DNF) 89 Denzil Smith, 11 Bob Gilliand

Heat #2: 1) 16W Jason Wendt; 2) 1W Chad Meyer; 3) 93 Dusty Wasmund; 4) 24 Randy Droescher; 5) 21 Brent Vonk; 6) 23 Steve Haman

Heat #3: 1) 11XS Donovan Peterson; 2) 47 Brent Stegenga; 3) 8 Butch Hanssen; 4) 14F Bill Fredin; 5) 40 Clint Garner; 6) 10 Jeremy Kasten; DNF) 51 Doug Martens

Heat #4: 1) 31M Kim Muntefering; 2) 83 Justin Henderson; 3) 3B Randy Nygaard; 4) 18 Gary Johnson; 5) 77 Troy Vink; 6) 4D Mark Duffy; DNF) F5 Troy Kampman

B Feature #1: 1) 14F Bill Fredin; 2) 101 Chuck McGillivray; 3) 40 Clint Garner; 4) 47N Brad Nelson; 5) 23 Steve Haman; 6) 4D Mark Duffy

B Feature #2: 1) 18 Gary Johnson; 2) 24 Randy Droescher; 3) 10 Jeremy Kasten; 4) 77 Troy Vink; DNF) 21 Brent Vonk

A Feature: 1) 83 Justin Henderson; 2) 11XS Donovan Peterson; 3) 3B Randy Nygaard; 4) 1W Chad Meyer; 5) 31M Kim Muntefering; 6) 9 Micah Schliemann; 7) 101 Chuck McGillivray; 8) 10 Jeremy Kasten; 9) 14F Bill Fredin; 10) 1 Scott Fokken; 11) 93 Dusty Wasmund; 12) 17 Lee Goos, Jr.; 13) 18 Gary Johnson; DNF) 47 Brett Stegenga, 8 Butch Hanssen, 16W Jason Wendt, 24 Randy Droescher, 40 Clint Garner

Late Model Stock Cars

Heat #1: 1) 17G Gus Clark; 2) 71 Dave Olivier; 3) 98 Dan Jensen; 4) 18 Ray Feltman; 5) 34 Dale Furby; 6) 85 Rob Anderson; 7) 80 Jeff Kroger; 8) 23 Jeff Machovsky; 9) 6 Rick VanderWeide

Heat #2: 1) 19 Kent Plimpton; 2) 20X Wayne Kruger; 3) 20 Perry Tschetter; 4) 9 Brad Wollman; 5) 56 Todd Sterzinger; 6) 69 Scott Freet; DNF) 17 Don Bickett, 3 Roger Muecke

A Feature: 1) 56 Todd Sterzinger; 2) 20 Perry Tschetter; 3) 20X Wayne Kruger; 4) 34 Dale Furby; 5) 9 Brad Wollman; 6) 71 Dave Olivier; 7) 85 Rob Anderson; 8) 18 Ray Feltman; 9) 69 Scott Freet; 10) 17G Gus Clark; DNF) 19 Kent Plimpton, 98 Dan Jensen, 80 Jeff Kroger, 23 Jeff Machovsky, 1X Kelly Harmelink


FIRST HEAT: 1. Jerry Groenwold, Worthington, Minn.; 2. Kevin Spurgin, Madison; 3. Rick Goth, Madison; 4. Brad Haas, Sioux Falls; 5. J.J. Zebell, Parker.

SECOND HEAT: 1. Chris Ellingson, Madison; 2. Don Brady, Sioux Falls; 3. Darrin Duffy, Dell Rapids; 4. Mark Henry, Rock Rapids, Iowa; 5. Russ Peterson, Sioux Falls.

FEATURE: 1. Groenwold; 2. Peterson; 3. Spurgin; 4. Mike Husman, Madison; 5. Matt Ayres, Parker; 6. Joe Bailley, Watertown; 7. Duffy; 8. Russ Englund, Hartford; 9. Ellingson; 10. Henry; 11. Brady; 12. Jeff Wittrock, Sioux Falls; 13. Ryan Nelson, Madison.

Hobby Stocks

FIRST HEAT: 1. Chad Lemme, Wentworth; 2. Larry Kracht, Magnolia, Minn.; 3. Dean Dunkelberger, Hartford; 4. Ryan Bickett, Ramona.

SECOND HEAT: 1. Randy Bruggeman, Sioux Falls; 2. Mike Kiggins, Sioux Falls; 3. Nick Grad, Madison; 4. Josh Schmidt, Marion.

THIRD HEAT: 1. Steve Carmody, Ramona; 2. Jeremy Heerde, Sioux Falls; 3. Justin Selken, Hartford; 4. Tim Dann, Lennox.

B FEATURE: 1. Dean Schoenwald, Marion; 2. Larry DeBoer, Sibley, Iowa; 3. Jason Armstrong, Flandreau; 4. Ryan Van Emmerick, Salem; 5. P.J. Stoner, Sioux Falls.

A FEATURE: 1. Kracht; 2. Heerde; 3. Dunkelberger; 4. Dann; 5. Bickett; 6. Grad; 7. DeBoer.

Dueces Wild Front Wheel Drives

FIRST HEAT: 1. Harmon/Ludwig, Canton; 2. Anderson/Michelke, Madison; 3. White/Tieszen, Canistota.

SECOND HEAT: 1. Fuller/Parish, Sioux Falls; 2. Olson/Gluhn, Madison; 3. Larson/Ryan, Madison.

THIRD HEAT: 1. Schmidt/Grayson, Brookings; 2. Pirestrude; 3. Boatwright/Gross, Hartford.

B FEATURE: 1. Fedeler/Fedeler, Nunda; 2. Eichman/Clark, Sioux Falls; 3. Giggelouck; 4. Neilson/Bender, Madison; 5. Huber/Hoffman; 6. Ludwig/Ralfs, Inwood, Iowa; 7. Schneider/Miles, Colman; 8. Hurney/Hurney, Brandon; 9. Scholl/Johnson, Madison.

A FEATURE: 1. Harmon/Ludwig; 2. Fedeler/Fedeler; 3. Pirestrude; 4. Olson/Gluhn; 5. Larson/Ryan; 6. Eichman/Clark; 7. Boatwright/Gross.