Race Results
July 25, 1999

By Rob Ristesund

For the second week in a row, Terry McCarl showed that a combination of great driving skills and a little luck make for an unbeatable combination as he topped the field in a wild outlaw sprint feature during Hall of Fame night Sunday night at Huset’s Speedway.

Things didn’t bode well for McCarl going into the main event as a poor finish in his heat race found him starting in the sixth row for the twenty-five lap feature. When Doug Clark’s green flag unleashed the field, it was Gary DeWall, who suffered a heart-breaker last week after seeing his motor let go when victory seemed within his grasp, take the early lead followed by fellow front row starter Marlon Jones. The pair battled furiously for several laps before Jones took the point on lap eight. DeWall wasn’t through, however, as he battled back and took the lead momentarily midway through the event before Jones once again resumed the lead. The red light was triggered on lap fourteen when Greg Valentine spun his car sideways to a stop in the second turn and collected the third place car of Dennis Moore. The pair of stopped machines left Gregg Bakker nowhere to go and Bakker slammed into the duo, putting Moore’s car on his side. All three drivers were uninjured in the incident but were forced to the infield for the remainder of the race. Leonard Lee took over the third spot behind Jones and DeWall as the cars line up for the restart but the position was short-lived as his car stopped on the back chute during the pace lap and was eventually pushed to the infield. The restart saw Kenny Hansen, who now held the third spot, overtake DeWall for second and quickly move up to challenge Jones for the lead. With six laps to go it was Hansen making a strong bid for the lead as he pulled to the outside of Jones as the pair sailed down the backstretch. As they fought for the point their machines made contact, sending Hansen’s machine into the infield berm and on his side, triggering the red once again. Through the attrition of the field that started in front of him, McCarl now found himself in third on the restart and the veteran made the most of the situation. After a brief duel with DeWall as the race resumed, McCarl took over second and then set his sights on Jones, eventually taking the lead with three laps to go. McCarl stretched his lead over the final laps to a victory margin of eight car lengths over Jones at the finish. DeWall held on to take third ahead of Jake Peters and Micah Schliemann.

The Pam Oil/Valvoline/AC Delco/Lewis Drug/Pepsi 360 sprint feature saw just one restart, and it was the one break Kim Muntefering needed to take the lead and eventually the win. Muntefering got by leader Bob Gilliand on the restart on lap five and went unchallenged the rest of the eighteen lap event to capture his first feature win of the year by nearly a straightaway’s advantage over Gilliand. Gilliand’s second place finish was his best ever at the track as he finished a comfortable margin ahead of Scott Fokken, Clint Garner and Lee Goos.

Brad Wollman took the lead from Kent Plimpton on lap nine and went on to win the Brandon Valley Insurance late model stock car feature. Rob Anderson had his best finish of the year as he held off Dale Furby to take runner-up honors just two car lengths behind Wollman.

Intermission saw the induction of five new members of the Huset’s Speedway Hall of Fame. New inductees included past modified champions Harold Petree and Arnie Nimmerfroh, past super-modified champions Harry Torgerson and Bill Mellenberndt, and car owner/builder Al Fiedler.


Outlaw Sprints

Qualifications: 1) 5 Terry McCarl, 11.394; 2) 11X Gregg Bakker, 11.442; 3) 16L Leonard Lee, 11.520; 4) 4 Kenny Hansen, 11.563; 5) 12L John Lambertz, 11.620; 6) 3 Dennis Moore, Jr., 11.702; 7) 25 Chad Radel, 11.727; 8) 9M Micah Schliemann, 11.727; 9) 6 Marlon Jones, 11.749; 10) 16 Gary DeWall, 11.865; 11) 16W Jason Wendt, 11.928; 12) 57 Jake Peters, 11.940; 13) 14R Randy Rosenboom, 12.032; 14) 4W Matt Wasmund, 12.100; 15) 55 Lyle Howey, III, 12.358; 16) 1X Greg Valentine, 12.537

Heat #1: 1) 57 Jake Peters; 2) 3 Dennis Moore, Jr; 3) 4 Kenny Hansen; 4) 11X Gregg Bakker; 5) 16 Gary DeWall; 6) 9M Micah Schliemann; 7) 14R Randy Rosenboom; 8) 55 Lyle Howey, III

Heat #2: 1) 16W Jason Wendt; 2) 6 Marlon Jones; 3) 25 Chad Radel; 4) 16L Leonard Lee; 5) 12L John Lambertz; 6) 5 Terry McCarl; 7) 1X Greg Valentine

A Feature: 1) 5 Terry McCarl; 2) 6 Marlon Jones; 3) 16 Gary DeWall; 4) 57 Jake Peters; 5) 9M Micah Schliemann; 6) 25 Chad Radel; 7) 12L John Lambertz; 8) 4 Kenny Hansen; 9) 16W Jason Wendt; 10) 14R Randy Rosenboom; 11) 55 Lyle Howey, III; 12) 16L Leonard Lee (DNF); 13) 11X Gregg Bakker (DNF); 14) 3 Dennis Moore, Jr (DNF); 15) 1X Greg Valentine (DNF)

360 Sprints

Heat #1: 1) 1 Scott Fokken; 2) 11 Bob Gilliand; 3) 48 Gordy Vogelaar; 4) 7 Terry Karn; 5) 3B Randy Nygaard; 6) 47 Brett Stegenga; 8) 47N Brad Nelson (DNF)

Heat #2: 1) 17 Lee Goos, Jr.; 2) 24 Randy Droescher; 3) 101 Chuck McGillivray; 4) 14 Daron McCart; 5) 24M John Miller; 6) 1W Chad Meyer; 7) 23 Steve Haman

Heat #3: 1) 31M Kim Muntefering; 2) 40 Clint Garner; 3) 8 Butch Hanssen; 4) 2 Mike Ellingson; 5) 10 Jeremy Kasten; 6) R19 Dean Brown; 7) 18 Gary Johnson; 8) 29 Gary Zitterich

B Feature: 1) 24M John Miller; 2) 3B Randy Nygaard; 3) 47 Brett Stegenga; 4) R19 Dean Brown; 5) 10 Jeremy Kasten; 6) 18 Gary Johnson; 7) 1W Chad Meyer; 8) 23 Steve Haman

A Feature: 1) 31M Kim Muntefering; 2) 11 Bob Gilliand; 3) 1 Scott Fokken; 4) 40 Clint Garner; 5) 17 Lee Goos, Jr.; 6) 48 Gordy Vogelaar; 7) 8 Butch Hanssen; 8) 2 Mike Ellingson; 9) 101 Chuck McGillivray; 10) 7 Terry Karn; 11) R19 Dean Brown; 12) 3B Randy Nygaard; 13) 47 Brett Stegenga; 14) 24 Randy Droescher; 15) 14 Daron McCart (DNF); 16) 24M John Miller (DNF)

Late Model Stock Cars

Heat #1: 1) 9 Brad Wollman; 2) 71 Dave Olivier; 3) 20X Wayne Kruger; 4) 23 Jeff Machovsky; 5) 3 Roger Muecke

Heat #2: 1) 18 Doug Olivier; 2) 34 Dale Furby; 3) 17G Gus Clark; 4) 80 Jeff Kroger; 5) 15 Pete Kracht; 6) 17 Don Bickett

Heat #3: 1) 85 Rob Anderson; 2) 19 Kent Plimpton; 3) 20 Perry Tschetter; 4) 56 Todd Sterzinger; 5) 98 Dan Jensen

A Feature: 1) 9 Brad Wollman; 2) 85 Rob Anderson; 3) 34 Dale Furby; 4) 56 Todd Sterzinger; 5) 17G Gus Clark; 6) 98 Dan Jensen; 7) 71 Dave Olivier; 8) 20 Perry Tschetter; 9) 17 Don Bickett; 10) 3 Roger Muecke; 11) 19 Kent Plimpton; 12) 23 Jeff Machovsky; 13) 80 Jeff Kroger; 14) 69 Scott Freet (DNF); 15) 20X Wayne Kruger (DNF); 16) 15 Pete Kracht (DNF); 17) 18 Doug Olivier (DNF)