Race Results
June 20, 1999

By Rob Ristesund

Leonard Lee became the sixth different feature winner in seven nights of racing this year when he roared to the outlaw sprint feature win Sunday night at Huset’s Speedway.

Wade Nygaard’s first appearance at the track this year found him on the front row for the twenty-five lap event, and it was Nygaard rocketing into the lead at the wave of Doug Clark’s green flag on the lightning-quick surface, which was proven by fast-timer Chad Radel’s lap earlier in the evening of 11:107, the fastest time recorded at the track this year. Nygaard held the lead until the eleventh circuit when Lee slipped under him in the second turn, only to have the pass negated when Gerald Cressman stopped on the backstretch on the same lap. The ensuing restart saw Nygaard get a good jump on Lee and the rest of the field, but Lee quickly erased the deficit and eventually squeezed under Nygaard for good on the backstretch two laps later. Point leader Terry McCarl finally worked his way up from the fourth row to pass Nygaard with five laps to go, but the North Dakotan fought back and regained the spot on the same lap. The pair battled several more laps until McCarl took over the runner-up spot for good with a lap and a half to go, and it was McCarl making up a lot of ground on Lee the final lap but still coming up some six car lengths short at the finish. Nygaard brushed the wall in front of the flagstand as he took the white flag, slowing him enough to allow Jake Peters by for the third position, while Nygaard settled for fourth at the finish. Gary DeWall drove a solid race to take fifth ahead of Gregg Bakker and Micah Schliemann, who started at the back along with Jason Wendt following an altercation in their heat race. The incident saw Wendt flipping down the backstretch and while both were able to make repairs to start the feature, Wendt’s machine was clearly down on speed and he was unable to finish the event.

The Pam Oil/Valvoline/AC Delco/Lewis Drug/Pepsi 360 sprint feature saw its first repeat winner of the year as Lee Goos scored his second feature win in a row.   Goos outran fellow front row starter Kim Muntefering to the first turn at the start of the eighteen lap event and was never headed in taking the win. Point leader Clint Garner’s charge to the front came to an abrupt halt on lap eight when he clipped the backstretch wall and rode it into the third turn when his car flipped, ending his night but fortunately not injuring him. Chad Meyer came from the fifth row to make a furious charge to the front late in the race but ran out of laps to make a challenge on Goos. Meyer passed Randy Nygaard on the final lap and made up a bunch of ground on Goos in a hurry but came up just a couple of car lengths short at the finish. Nygaard held on to take third followed by Kim Muntefering and Donovan Peterson.

The Brandon Valley Insurance late model stock cars also saw its first repeat winner of the year as Dale Furby came from the fifth row to take the win.      Furby passed race-long leader Doug Olivier on the tenth circuit of the eighteen lap event and led the rest of the way for the victory. Dan Jensen, who started alongside Furby, got by David Kruger on the final lap to take second while the battle for third saw three cars take the checkered side-by-side with the officials giving the nod to Todd Sterzinger for the show spot by inches ahead of Jeff Kroger and Kruger.


Outlaw Sprints

Qualifications: 1) 25 Chad Radel, 11.107; 2) 4 Kenny Hansen, 11.214; 3) 5 Terry McCarl, 11.230; 4) 16 Gary DeWall, 11.245; 5) 56 Gerald Cressman, 11.349; 6) 11X Gregg Bakker, 11.355; 7) 3 Randy Nygaard, 11.405; 8) 16L Leonard Lee, 11.485; 9) 9 Wade Nygaard, 11.508; 10) 57 Jake Peters, 11.605; 11) 1Y Scott Young, 11.622; 12) 16W Jason Wendt, 11.769; 13) 2K Jimmie Kouba, 11.805; 14) 6 Marlon Jones, 12.037; 15) 71 Ryan Anderson, 12.087; 16) 14R Randy Rosenboom, 12.228; 17) 9M Micah Schliemann, No Time; 18) 12L John Lambertz, No Time;

Heat #1: 1) 16L Leonard Lee; 2) 16 Gary DeWall; 3) 11x Gregg Bakker; 4) 57 Jake Peters; 5) 71 Ryan Anderson

Heat #2: 1) 5 Terry McCarl; 2) 3 Randy Nygaard; 3) 9 Wade Nygaard; 4) 25 Chad Radel; 5) 1Y Scott Young; 6) 2K Jimmie Kouba; 7) 56 Gerald Cressman; 8) 14R Randy Rosenboom

A Feature: 1) 16L Leonard Lee; 2) 5 Terry McCarl; 3) 57 Jake Peters; 4) 9 Wade Nygaard; 5) 16 Gary DeWall; 6) 11x Gregg Bakker; 7) 9M Micah Schliemann; 8) 3 Randy Nygaard; 9) 1Y Scott Young; 10) 56 Gerald Cressman; 11) 25 Chad Radel; 12) 2K Limmie Kouba; 13) 4 Kenny Hansen; 14) 6 Marlon Jones; 15) 14R Randy Rosenboom; 16) 71 Ryan Anderson (DNF); 18) 16W Jason Wendt (DNF)

360 Sprints

Heat #1: 1) 31M Kim Munteferring; 2) 17 Lee Goos; 3) 23 Steve Haman; 4) 24M John Miller; 5) 29 Gary Zitterich; 6) 8 Butch Hanssen

Heat #2: 1) 3B Randy Nygaard; 2) 7 Terry Karn; 3) 24 Randy Droescher; 4) 10 Jeremy Kasten; 5) 77 Troy Vink

Heat #3: 1) 1W Chad Meyer; 2) 2 Mike Ellingson; 3) 40 Clint Garner; 4) R19 Dean Brown; 5) 1 Scott Fokken

Heat #4: 1) 18 Gary Johnson; 2) 101 Chuck McGillivray; 3) 11XS Donovan Peterson

B Feature: 1) 29 Gary Zitterich; 2) 8 Butch Hanssen; 3) 1 Scott Fokken; 4) 77 Troy Vink; 5) 47 Brett Stegenga; 6) 14 Daron McCart

A Feature: 1) 17 Lee Goos; 2) 1W Chad Meyer; 3) 3B Randy Nygaard; 4) 31M Kim Munteferring; 5) 11XS Donovan Peterson; 6) 18 Gary Johnson; 7) 101 Chuck McGillivray; 8) 24 Randy Droescher; 9) 10 Jeremy Kasten; 10) 29 Gary Zitterich; 11) R19 Dean Brown; 12) 24M John Miller; 13) 2 Mike Ellingson; 14) 23 Steve Haman

Late Model Stock Cars

Heat #1: 1) 20X Wayne Kruger; 2) 85 Rob Anderson; 3) 19 Marty Barber; 4) 80 Jeff Kroger; 5) 34 Dale Furby; 6) 9 Brad Wollman; 7) 3 Roger Muecke

Heat #2: 1) 17 Don Bickett; 2) 18 Doug Olivier; 3) 98 Dan Jensen; 4) 71 Dave Olivier; 5) 69 Scott Freet; 6) 20 Perry Tschetter; 7) 56 Todd Sterzinger; 8) 17G Gus Clark

A Feature: 1) 34 Dale Furby; 2) 98 Dan Jensen; 3) 56 Todd Sterzinger; 4) 80 Jeff Kroger; 5) 20X Wayne Kruger; 6) 9 Brad Wollman; 7) 18 Doug Olivier; 8) 71 Dave Olivier; 9) 17 Don Bickett; 10) 85 Rob Anderson; 11) 3 Roger Muecke; 12) 69 Scott Freet; 13) 17G Gus Clark; 14) 19 Marty Barber; 15) 20 Perry Tschetter